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Review of Magic Shop The Magic Warehouse

April 27th, 2007 3:02pm
Reviewed by Brian Rasmussen
Super FAST shipping and my items are always wonderfully packed. I also love the way their website is constructed and it makes finding what I'm after very quick and easy. They also allow a quick check-out without having to sign-up for accounts and personal shopping history trackers etc. I have only experienced an item being out-of-stock once from this dealer and they promptly shipped it to me a couple days later just like they said they would. I think that whatever they advertise they usually have ready for shipment. I'm an experienced magician and I know what I'm after so I have never had a need to call them with questions on a prop or item so I'm not sure of their depth of knowledge of the items, or lack of it. The shop also seems to get new stuff in regularly and their "hot items" spot on the website is always a handy way to find just what it says. They also have a sale items section which sometimes has some great deals. You can also contact them to sell your old DVDs and buy used DVDs for discounted prices. While this doesn't look like a super deal on price for some used DVDs I cannot comment on the quality you would get as I have not purchased used DVDs from this dealer. I gave this dealer 4 stars out of 5 because I wished they carried a bit more for books, but on the stock they do carry I usually get a good price on the item, even with shipping costs.
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