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B Magic @Fun Shop,Arlington,TX

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Phone: 817/ 795-0404
Company Description:

B Magic & Fun Shop

The First Magic & Fun Shop in Arlington,TX
The Home of the Floating Tables,Linking Rings,
Color Changing West.Stage Props,Close-Up,Street Magic,Magic For Mentalist,DVDs, Books,Supplies.
Guaranteed Lower Prices in The Market.
We Sell Only Quality..

Shipping Information:

B Magic Shop
1902 W.Pioneer pkwy, Suite 100
Arlington,TX 76013


April 30th, 2012 1:59pm
Reviewed by Jeff S.
If I could give zero stars to this dealer I would.

The items that I bought were not the real name brand items. He advertised that they were these products. He likes to use their logos and their names. But when I received my props, they had an 8x10 xeroxed copy of the logo along with some Chinese website. It looks like he sells cheap replicas that are made in China and gives you the instructions on a pirated DVD. Much of my order was damaged, opened, fake and incomplete.

And when you complain? Wow. He yells at you in broken English and slams the door in your face. Seriously, beware with these people. Pay the extra money and go with a company who will treat you right. If you want to buy from a company who you can trust, go with some of the bigger names out there. You can still get great deals if you time it right. Don't waste your money like I did.
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January 1st, 2014 6:20pm
Reviewed by Richard Mendez
B Magic Shop listed a few items on Ebay a few months back. When the items did not sell for as high as the seller wanted he refused to honor the winning bid amounts to myself and a few others. To add insult to injury, he resorted to cussing and racial slurs. Ebay removed his account because he had so many negative feedbacks. This guy has a serious attitude problem and sells nothing but cheap Chinese knock-offs. Do yourself a favor and avoid disappointment by refusing to patronize this abomination.
January 1st, 2014 6:19pm
Reviewed by Peter Pitchford
Man, I had a similar experience. He made all kinds of false accusations about me and called me all kinds of names. I am still trying to be kind to him but he is a bitter, hate-filled person. He's going to kill his own business.

Thankfully, I have records of all of this. But I'm out my order. I get nothing (except hateful treatment).

Stay away.
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