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Phone: 760.324.7576
Company Description:

Like so many of you, when I first became interested in magic, I wasted a
lot of time and money in the purchase of what I call junk magic. You know
the stuff I'm talking about. That smooth written article that claims an
effect that we want to believe, but we know can't be true. Or that poorly
manufactured copy of a great illusion that simply falls apart after we use
it a few times. So before we ask you to spend your hard earned money, each
product that we carry is fully evaluated as to its quality and functional
claim. And since several manufacturers attempt to produce the same product,
some not so good, we promise to carry only the best value for your money. We
also promise, never to get so big headed, that we wouldn't get back to you
if a problem did occur. Our policy is very simple. Not only do we want you
to be happy with your purchase, we want you to be happy with us. Scoop

Shipping Information:

Our current shipping method is "USPS Priority Mail." The
cost for US Priority Mail is calculated by total weight and current USPS
cost at time of checkout and purchase. However, shipping is Free on all
domestic orders totaling $75.00 or more.


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