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Wooden Ciagars

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Phone: 765-529-9618
Company Description:

The wooden items offered by John Rogers are hand crafted. They take hours to create! Each item is lovingly handcrafted to look absolutely real! There is no mass production involved. It is all hard tedious work. IF, you are looking for QUALITY props, you've found the right place!

All cigars and cigarettes sold on this site are solid wood and hand painted. There is no paper used at all! There are no glued on parts! They are just as solid as the piece of wood they are made from! They are very popular with comedians, magicians and actors!

Shipping Information:

Add $4.50 Shipping & Handling INSIDE the USA. Purchases going overseas might require additional International shipping charges.


January 7th, 2006 1:47pm
Reviewed by magicman1
Very impressive cigars. They are a great size for the lepzieg coin purse routine and they look as real as they can possibly look. The best part is they are all originals and they are hand made. John Rogers is a true artistic genius.
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