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Abracadabra Magic

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in easy to do magic tricks for beginners!

Why has Abracadabra grown to be the Worlds' Largest Magic Trick Supply Co with OVER 110,000 customers? Why should you buy from us? Unlike our competitors, our strict criteria means we select only 1 or 2 magic tricks out of every 10 we review. ALL magic tricks must be easy to do, do exactly what our descriptions state, and instructions must be clear and easy to follow. BE AWARE! Most of our competitors do NOT spend the time we do. They'll put anything on their site if it reads well and will sell. That means it can be difficult to learn or do.

When you buy from Abracadabra Magic you have our guarantee that every trick has been reviewed by a professional, experienced magician before it makes it into our site!


April 2nd, 2005 3:10pm
Reviewed by Darryl Hutton
This company puts glitzy ads in the Magic Magazine, etc. for products that are still on the drawing board. I sent a $600.00 deposit on a sword through neck. I waited almost a year and was given nothing but excuses. I never did receive the trick. They kept giving me the runaround and 101 excuses. I decided to order some items from them. For example the Mutilated Parasol at $199.00 did not even come with real silks. They were a cheap see-through nylon material , the kind they use to decorate window displays. The candle to fan sold for 69.00 US and later I noticed the same item sold in other companies for $25 US. What a rip-off! The rabbit die box was another item advertised but NOT available. There should be a law against this type of advertising! When I phoned the company , I was put on hold and given the run around. I would never deal with this company again.

Darryl the Wizard
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