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School for Scoundrels

Company Description:

The School for Scoundrels Store was set up originally to meet the needs of our students at the Magic Castle who were studying the classic street hustles Three-Card Monte, Fast and Loose, and the Shell Game. We wanted to be able to supply quality apparatus and research materials for their training.

We developed our own props for these games that met our exacting standards of quality, practicality and beauty. We wrote our own manuals and notes. Then we looked to other sources for creating a line of products that would be of interest to anyone who is fascinated by these ancient short cons.

Eventually, we expanded to include items that involved our other mutual interests--including confidence games and hustles of all sorts, billiards and pool, as well as street, restaurant and bar magic. We will continue to enlarge our offerings as we find things along these lines that we think are unique, of superior quality, and not easily found elsewhere. We believe in supplying value, and though it often isn't cheap, as Gazzo likes to say, "The professional can't afford cheap props."

We intend to stand behind all our products, and hope to establish a reputation that will truly "inspire confidence worldwide."


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