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Touching Sky : A Guide To Levitating Review

January 17th, 2004 1:03pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
This one is hard to rate so I gave it just over half of the full 5 stars.

The book is well written, beautifully illustrated (actually it's all photos) and nicely produced. The price? Well there is not much you can get for $12 these days.

So why mark it down? Well despite all this, although the levitations are adapted and improved I just feel that there is nothing NEW here.
Some of the levitations I have seen other magicians perform and thought them a bit obvious. However saying that there are one or two masterstrokes in this booklet especially the Broomflight which I think personally is worth the price of the book!

Have you got $12? Then go buy this book!

Product info for Touching Sky : A Guide To Levitating

Author: Andrew Mayne
Publisher: Maynestream Productions
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $12.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Take to the Air! Touch the Sky!

Andrew Mayne, creator of Bisection,Facelifter and Shock FX, presents six ways to defy gravity. Whether you're performing on stage or in the street, there's a method for you.

Along with new presentations for three classic effects, Andrew Mayne presents three all-new levitations:

BroomFlight - Be a real life Harry Potter and float on a borrowed broom!

Airborne - Have a seat 6 feet up in the air.

Floating on the Edge - An impromptu levititation that can be performed virtually anywhere.

Mid-Air - A levitation suitable for stage that will leave your audience amazed and cost you less than $20 and 10 minutes to make.

Suspension of Disbelief - Hypnotize your assistant and make them float five feet in the air.

The Street Levitation - A simple, easy to understand explanation of the levitation seen by millions of people on television - that everyone asks you to do.

A levitation for every situation.

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