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Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2 Review

Official Review

November 22nd, 2015 5:51am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Yet again, as with Volume 1 of the Cups & Balls series, Daryl shows us exactly why he is a master magician and one of the best teachers in the art today.

Again, the audio and video quality of the disc are very clear and crisp and are phenomenal. The menu is nicely laid out and very easy to navigate. As with Volume 1, you are given a choice to watch the DVD in English, Japanese or Spanish with professional dubbing and translation.

This DVD is a culmination, of sorts because rather than learning more moves and sleights, Daryl will teach you three different professional routines for the Cups & Balls, each one in great detail.

While he does not teach you additional sleights separately, he does cover any newer ones in each routine as they might crop up. Each routine is very minimalistic as far as sleights are concerned, yet all of them are fit for professional performances.

The first routine you will watch Daryl perform is the Nick Trost (rhymes with 'toast') routine called "Nick's Routine". The second routine you will see is probably the most-performed routine even among professional performers. It is the classic Dai Vernon Cups & Balls routine. He then performs the Dai Vernon Impromptu Routine.

Each routine is then taught in complete and concise detail with nothing left out. He gives you the names of individual moves as well as the resources on where to find them, he shows you what to do and what not to do as well as giving you alternate ideas to try.

After each explanation, you will see the routine performed once again so that you can appreciate what you just learned and you can see it once more in real time. In other words, you will see each routine performed, and then explained and then performed once more.

As I mentioned before, each of the routines rely on routining to make them work more than on sleights, though once you progress in skill, you could certainly add different sleights and flourishes to suite your style and taste. As they are, they are perfect for beginners and intermediate performers as well as being perfectly suited for professionals. In fact, Michael Ammar is very well known for his Cups & Balls act and even he essentially performs the Dai Vernon routine almost exactly as you will learn here. Of course, over the years he learned, just as you will, to add your own flavor to make it more unique to you and your style.

At the end, Daryl gives you extra hints and tips for further study and consideration, more resources for continuing your education on the Cups & Balls as well as his insights from years of performing.

This makes up the bulk of the DVD, which runs for about 90 minutes.

If you have already studied the previous volume in this series and/or are an intermediate performer looking to further your education on the Cups & Balls, look no further!

VERY, VERY highly recommended!

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Product info for Master Course Cups and Balls Vol. 2

Author: Easton, Daryl
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $14.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Cups & Balls always mystifies and delights audiences whenever it is performed and has become an essential element for magicians worldwide.

Now, renowned Master Magician, DARYL, brings you the first and last word on the subject with the 2 Volume Master Course on Cups & Balls.

This is an additional treasure trove of Cups & balls magic to accompany your Volume 1 of the Master Course on Cups & Balls, using step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from masterful tricks to the most advanced routines. Classic sleight of hand skills, props and techniques are all explained in the thorough detail previously only obtained with private lessons.

DARYL brings decades of experience and an easy-to-understand teaching style in a multi-camera production designed to show you everything you need to know with the Master Course in Cups & Ball Magic.

Vol 2 includes:

"Nick's routine" (Nick Trost)
Dai Vernon's routine
Dai Vernon's impromptu routine
Tips for handling

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