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Virus Review

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December 24th, 2015 1:41pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a clever routine where the cards are “infected” with a “virus” where the backs of the blue cards have a red angel circle.

You get a gimmicked card box, a gimmick card where the red circle can appear or dissapear, another gimmick card, and six red angel circle stickers.

In the routine, you spread the cards and discover that one of the cards has “the virus”. The virus card is removed and the participant selects any card. The virus card is rubbed on their selection and the virus goes from one card to their selected card. Their infected card is rubbed on the original card and the virus travels from their card to the original card.
The virus travels to a few more cards. These cards are isolated into the box and the box itself becomes infected.

The gimmicks are well made. Of course, they are made of playing cards, so they aren’t going to last forever. Even though he doesn’t teach how to make your own replacement gimmicks, you could probably figure it out.

The instruction is very good. The routine has multiple phases, well thought out.

The effect is true to the ad copy. The routine is well thought out in that it ends with the “infected” cards being isolated to the card box, leaving you with a regular deck of cards for other effects. The ad copy says the gimmicks could be used for an infinite number of routines, and I agree. There are many clever routines that one could create with these gimmicks.


This routine involves three different gimmicks. It does make for a nice routine, and they are isolated to the card box at the end, but you have two card gimmicks and the box gimmick that can’t be examined.

You don’t have to use all the gimmicks, but they do complete the routine.


Pretty good effect, several interesting gimmicks.

Product info for Virus

Author: Sebastien Chauffert
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Retail Price: $38.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine if cards could also get sick.....

A new Virus has just appeared!

It infects cards and creates a new nightmare for magicians...

On this trailer, the magician shows a card with a strange symptom which is a red dot on its blue back. The "sick card" is put aside while the spectator chooses another one in the game.
But suddenly, the dot disappears and moves to the spectator's card.
Then, after several manipulations, the virus contaminates all the cards, one after the other.
And in the end, the red dot appears on the case inside which the contaminated cards have been put away.

It's more than a simple trick, and you will receive with your DVD a true kit enabling the creative magician to invent an infinite number of routines: for instance, the virus can appear at the back of a signed card, or on another object such as a lighter, or you could show a card with two red dots.
The only limits are these of your own imagination! So let yourself be contaminated....!

The red dot disappears visually and from different manners (visually under your finger, with a flick, with a flash paper, with a d'lite...)

The cards that are successively infected can be examined by a spectator.

Once infected cards are put away inside the case, you have then in hands a totally clean game and you can easily start other routines.

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