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Chocolate Coin Review

Official Review

November 10th, 2015 11:18am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

After seeing this, I can’t imagine doing any other coin bite routine! In the DVD, they start by talking about the motivation for the coin bite. The two biggest problems are:
1. Why would you bite into a dirty borrowed coin?
2. Why would you restore it after biting into it?

SansMinds has solved these two problems with the Chocolate Coin. I really like their performance premise where you borrow a quarter and smell it. “Hmm, it smells like chocolate”. This provides all the motivation to peel the foil and take a bite. After taking a bite, you realize that the chocolate doesn’t taste so good. This is the motivation to spit it out and restore the coin to give it back to the participant.

The DVD explains the handling very well. Every step is explained in detail. The production and camera work is very good so every move is clearly seen. At one point, they have a close up of the performers face and coin up close.

The gimmick comes as a US quarter. In the DVD they talk about how you could use any similar coin if you are from a different country. I agree with this. In addition, while they didn’t cover this, you could rub the image of any similar size coin onto a piece of aluminum foil. Place the foil over the gimmick and press it over the edges. With small scissors or a knife, cut the excess foil away. This raises another point: The package comes with several disks of aluminum foil cut to the size of the gimmick. All this comes in a handy coin size envelope. I cut a bunch of square pieces of aluminum foil a bit larger than the coin gimmick and inserted them into the coin envelope as replacement foils. You simply rub them over the coin and over the edge of the coin and cut away the excess.

They also provide a couple replacement rubber bands for your gimmick coin and provide an explanation of how to replace them.


The effect is pretty much consistent with the ad copy. However, the ad copy does say that “you can turn any borrowed coin into a chocolate coin.” This isn’t really totally accurate. You would want to do this effect with a similar size and color coin.


I really love this! I can’t see why anyone would do the regular coin bite routine now that this is available.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

For some reason, the handling at the end, where the performer spits the coin back onto the coin just didn’t sit right with me. It seems to me that a bit of the magic was lost in this move. I think it would be better to just replace the foil and hand the participant their borrowed coin back. Another idea is to have a third regular quarter that has aluminum foil over it. You borrow a quarter, perhaps taking an old version quarter, doing the Chocolate Coin handling, and then handing them the third coin, the regular coin with aluminum foil over it. As an additional alternative, you could cut a “bite” out of the third coin. Cut it out with a dremmel tool. Let the spectator unpeel the quarter and discover the coin with a bite piece missing. Take the coin and offer to replace it with another quarter from your pocket to make them whole. Go into your pocket with their borrowed coin and come out with it, so you are just returning their borrowed coin. You can now reuse your second gimmick over and over.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Chocolate Coin

Author: Tsai, Will
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Chocolate Coin is a cute and fun twist to the popular coin bite effect.
You can turn any borrowed coin into chocolate coin, bite it and visually restore it. It will get you crazy reaction. Everyone loves it and we know you will too.

Full gimmick set included, gimmick made in US Quarter size. Any silver color coin from your region with similar size to US Quarter will work with this gimmick

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