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Insomnia Review

Official Review

November 13th, 2015 11:50am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This DVD has nine different moves, seven routines, and a bonus fade change.

Many of the moves are very useful, and all of them are visually stunning. The routines range from sandwich to transposition to productions, etc. See the ad copy for the list of moves and routines.

The moves are all very visual and well done. It is clear that Antonio has put in a ton of time to accomplish these beautiful feats of cardistry. The moves are artistic, fluid, and beautiful This DVD is really for magicians looking for a particular variety of magic that is artistic. Watching Antonio perform the moves is like watching someone play a stradovarious. It is elegant and beautiful, but comes only with many hours of practice.

The instruction is good, but the entire DVD is set to music with no verbal explanation. In spite of this, the explanations were pretty good.

The DVD is true to the ad copy which mostly lists the various moves and routines.

The routines are purely visual. This is not a DVD of routines with patter or scripting. These are visual only routines, performed to music.


The most important thing to note is this is not easy stuff. This is going to take some serious practice. I think the title, “Insomnia” was a good one, because you will need to be up many sleepless nights to get these moves down. They are visual and stunning, but will require significant practice.

The DVD has a large number of sleights performed in a studio environment and then taught. It became a bit annoying to have to watch a false cut before every single performance.

The DVD was a bit difficult to get through because it watched like an endless series of moves and flourishes.


This is a beautiful DVD of extremely visual and stunning moves and routines. Everything is performed to magic only, with no patter or storylines. It is pure performance that will take a lot of work to master.

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Product info for Insomnia

Author: Cacace, Antonio
Publisher: Titanas
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Get ready to stay up tonight, because your mind will be searching for answers! This is INSOMNIA by Antonio Cacace.


Quadrant: The selected card magically finds its way between the two Jokers that have been isolated under the magician's watch.

4/1: A crazy visual effect where the Aces fade in and out.

Center Transposition: Two randomly selected cards visually change places not only once, but twice.

Collector 2.0: Two random cards are found by the aces, then magically, they change places.

Parallel: In a chaos of face up and face down cards, the selected card ends up the only reversed card in the deck.

Slide Effect: An unbelievable, visual transposition effect with two randomly selected cards.

Andwich: A selected card magically appears between the two Jokers in the spectator's hands.


Pagano Switch: A very smooth and visual change of a card.

AC Switch: A quick change of a card.

AC Production: A beautiful one handed 4 card production.

Pagano Production: A four phase visual production of the four aces.

Catapult Production: An incredible appearance of the four aces (vertical).

Jump Production: A progressive jumping production of four cards.

Chuck Production: An elegant and direct appearance of the four aces.

Slide Change: A slow visual morph of a card to another.

Rotation Change: A direct and fast change of a card.

Bonus, Fade Change - Davide Tizzano: A double transformation of a card.

Antonio Cacace is an experienced magician and mentalist for over 10 years. He has crafted each of his effects on TV, private performances and stages throughout Italy; creating memorable and amazing magic for all audiences.


"Like a seasoned string-worker teasing the Stradivarius resting upon their shoulder; Antonio's finesses with cards radiate an aura of artistic expression that is often forgotten in magical performance. The pieces that he presents in this collection, represent his thinking on classic methodology, and allow the viewer to learn impressive, yet natural productions and transpositions. These simple and direct pieces can only encourage gasps from the audiences that get the privilege of experiencing them. Bravo Antonio and Titanas for crafting a piece of cinematography as beautiful as the content that it explores."
- Dee Christopher (BBC's Killer Magic)

"Antonio Cacace is a young and talented magician, a rising star on the Italian magic scene. Insomnia features a collection of some of his visual, eye-popping, stunning magic and moves. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. After a few minutes I had to stop the DVD, grab a deck of cards and immediately start practicing what I was watching. Get this DVD before it runs out! Congratulations, Antonio!"
- Antonio Zuccaro (Author of Finding the Center)

"Love it when techniques getting organic and hypnotizing! Bravo Antonio!"
- Tobias Dostal (Creator of Stay Cool and Four Fly)

DVD duration: 110 minutes

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