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Card Warp (World's Greatest Magic) Review

Official Review

November 6th, 2015 11:02am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson
I am going to dispense with separating PROs and CONs in this review because the DVD features a number of variations of the same effect, all with their pros and cons which will be covered together.

This is one of the classics of magic, done so well by The World's Greatest Magic. From the description in the ad copy you can see the various magicians who perform their version of the effect that while it is attributed to Roy Walton, Michael Ammar points out on the DVD that Roy wanted to ensure that the credit was given to Jeff Busby. Jeff created what we now know as Card Warp which was just a phase of Jeff's effect called "Into the Fourth Dimension." Roy performed just a portion of the effect and called it Carp Warp. The reason it became a classic is that it could be done with either minor or no previous set up at all, while Jeff's entire routine required quite extensive setup.

Here are some comments on each one of the presentations:

Michael Ammar — Card Warp
Michael presents the original version of Card Warp as performed by Roy Walton. This is probably the most often seen version. However, as you will see, this DVD has some much more impressive variations of this effect.

Scotty York — Warpedist Cards
What is unique about this routine is Scotty does this routine with two completely unprepared cards. I personally think that one of the downsides to his presentation is he selects a female participant and makes crude jokes using the premise of one card being in the other to say that "he is in her". I just don't think you can do that presentation without risking being extremely offensive.

Paul Diamond — Dollar Bill Warp
This is a very different variation of the effect. He wraps a bill around a deck of cards, exposing, let's say a three of hearts. The participant pushes the card through the dollar bill and out the other end comes a three of spades. The card is pushed back and forth and the three of hearts is gone and the card is now the three of spades. The bill is removed and only the three of spades on top of the rest of the cards remains. I think one could make an argument that this is not really a card warp routine because in the card warp routine, the same card turns inside and out. It is not an effect of one card transposition into a different card. However, it is interesting to see something that is somewhat related to Card Warp.

Michael Ammar — Star Warp
This is the first on the DVD to feature a single playing card and a dollar bill. I think that the card and bill is a real improvement over the two card versions. The reason is that the use of the bill allows you to open the bill and show the card completely inside out or completely outside out. While this version is very good, I think that Michael Close has the best version of the card and bill version, also on this DVD.

Bruce Cervon — Warp It
This is a very nice variation of a card and borrowed bill routine. A couple things that are unique and interesting are the card is torn into three pieces and the participant holds the bill and card for the last tear. The bill is then lifted up, while in the participant's hands to show the card is facing one way, but the participant pulls out the card and it comes out facing the other direction, inside out.

Michael Close — Dr Strangetrick
This is possibly the best version of the trick on the DVD. The routine uses a time machine premise that I think is very strong. Michael uses a two dollar bill and a playing card. The entire routine is held in a small two pocket card wallet and he is ready for multiple performances. The routine shows the inside of the card at a few intervals to show that when the card is in the bill, it turns over completely, but when one end is sticking out, it appears to be half inside out and half outside out. He also has a phase where the bill is folded in such a way as to allow the audience to see into the "time machine". The card is pushed both ways and it looks like it is changing right before your eyes. After the routine is over, he gives the participant "a quarter" that is torn from one of the torn halves. If an audience member asks to have the pieces restored, he puts the torn pieces into the bill, pushes them through, and out comes a restored card. This is the last of the card warp routines that is presented and explained, and in my opinion, they saved the best for last.

Eugene Burger — The Inquisition
However, after Michael's version, there is a performance only version of Eugene Burger. He presents what is technically a pretty standard Card Warp. However, it is his patter that is interesting. While it may not be for everyone, it is a pretty dark presentation of Medieval Times torture. I think it is a good inspiration for what you might want to do in, perhaps a Halloween sort of show.

The DVD is very true to the ad copy.

I would say that most if not all of the moves are not that difficult with just a bit of practice. Also, most of these routines could be done completely surrounded.

The one overall CON to this DVD is they didn't cover any version of Card Warp with a gimmicked card. In the suggestions section I will give just a bit of an idea for a gimmicked routine.


As usual, another great World's Greatest Magicians DVD. I think the real value of this DVD is for many magicians who think they know the traditional version of Card Warp, perhaps don't perform it much because they don't think it is strong enough. However, some of the versions performed on this DVD elevate the simple Card Warp routine to a whole new level.

If you perform any significant amount of card magic, you are likely to have a deck or two of old worn out cards that you no longer use. These make great cards for a great Card Warp routine. This DVD inspired me to start doing card warp again.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

There is no discussion about any gimmicked card versions of Card Warp. So, after watching this DVD, using an idea presented in Paul Diamond’s presentation, you could incorporate a certain gimmick that Paul describes into an otherwise pretty standard card warp routine using a gimmicked card with half the card facing one way and half facing the other way. In this routine, you could end with a card that is not torn, but instead has been halfway turned inside out. You could purchase such a card pre-printed, or you could make one by cutting just a single layer of card on both sides, splitting the single layer and peeling it off the card and gluing the card back together so half the card is face up and half the card is backside up. As a hint, you would need to cut a tiny strip from both sides of the face up and face down gimmick card so the Paul Diamond gimmick would fit nicely over it when the card is folded in half. I hope you enjoy this little idea.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place.

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The Secrets of CARD WARP
Learn how to perform one of the most eye-popping effects in all of close-up magic!

If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic's classics. Linking rings, sponge balls, metal bending, cups and balls, thumb tips, Zombie, color-changing knives, and many, many more topics are all gathered in this one terrific DVD reference set. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic.

It's been said that Roy Walton invented one of the most original card effects of all time with his Card Warp, and ever since then, magicians have taken this concept to even more baffling heights. How can a flat two-dimensional object like a playing card turn completely over even when folded into another flat object?

On this DVD, you'll learn the secrets to Roy Walton's original two-card brainchild, as expertly performed and taught by Michael Ammar. Then, you'll watch and learn some different and original presentations for the original Card Warp as Scotty York performs and teaches his decidedly adult version and Eugene Burger uses the cards to demonstrate a horrifying history lesson. From there, you'll move on to even more visually amazing versions that use a card and a borrowed banknote, such as Michael Close's Dr. Strangetrick and Howie Schwartzman's Star Warp, as taught by Ammar again. Paul Diamond will demonstrate how to make the face of a deck change when it's wrapped in a bill, even when the spectator holds it. You'll also see and learn Bruce Cervon's Warp II, possibly the most baffling version of Card Warp ever created.

Card Warp
Michael Ammar

The Warpedist Cards
Scotty York
(courtesy of Murphy's Magic Inc)

Dollar Bill Warp
Paul Diamond

Star Warp
Michael Ammar

Warp II
Bruce Cervon

Dr. Strangetrick
Michael Close

The Inquisition
Eugene Burger
(performance only)

Running Time Approximately 1hr 12min

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