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October 18th, 2015 1:07am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
If you have ever needed a peek device that looks normal to everyone and can even be handled by your audience, HPad will fit the bill nicely. The method is not new, but this is a very clever use of the idea and a great way to hide the method.

You get a pre-made pad, a pen, an extra (actually a spare) something and a DVD with this.

The pad is the Rhodia brand spiral pad in A7 size - perfect for carrying around in your pocket. This brand is one you can find in stationery stores, art supply stores, some office supply stores carry them and they are readily available on the Internet. Growing up in Europe I used Rhodia paper a lot and for everyday use, I still buy and use it today.

Both the pad and the marker are gimmicked and they both come pre-set for you to use right out of the box once you learn how to use them.

The DVD gives you the option to watch in French or in English, both menus are laid out the same and are very easy to navigate. There are two sub menus: One for the pad and how to use it, and the other which shows you a performance and explanation for two effects using the pad. Both menus in both languages give you a Play All option and a chapter-by-chapter option.

Except for a few small portions, the English side is NOT dubbed, it is actually recorded directly in English.

The audio and video quality are top-notch and the lighting was very good. There were a couple of times where he was showing you something on camera and it took a second for the camera to focus, but he always held the position long enough for you to see what he was talking about after it came into focus. During the explanations for the second effect on the English side (a dubbed portion of the DVD), the audio and video were slightly out of synch, but you can still understand what is going on, though you might be distracted.

That said, the effects shown were very basic - one was a sort of CAAN (Card At Any Number) plot and the other was a take on the old Magic Square. Both could be very good if you put a good presentation together. First you see Henri perform the effects with another person on camera in a restaurant, and then he gives you the explanation.

The only thing different on the French menu that does not appear anywhere on the English side is a blooper reel. If you do not speak French, you are not missing anything but there were some funny outtakes in it.

Henri is a very good teacher and explains everything very clearly though there are only two effects taught on the DVD. What I have not mentioned yet is that there is a lot of information on the pad itself on this DVD...

You will learn how to refill your pad, repair it, replace it, change/customize it and use it with various techniques of getting the information you need from it during performance. He also tells you where to find other pads that will work for this, as well as the Rhodia pad that came with it. He shows you how to repair and replace your markers when that need comes up. He also shows you where to find the type of marker that came with the DVD if you happen to like that one, as well as other types of markers that will work with HPad.

This pad and marker can be handled by your audience volunteers too without risk. If you are going to have them open it on their own just to use a page to write something on, without needing to use the pad as a peek device, they can do that. If you are going to use it as a peek device, you need to open it so that you can set it in the right place for that to work, but they can hold the pad, write in it and close it themselves after that.

None of the peeks are hard to do, but for some, one particular one might take a knack just because of the nature of the pad, even though it is used by card guys all the time.

Doing maintenance/repairs/replacements on the pad and marker are a little bit of an arts and crafts project, but there is absolutely nothing difficult about it. Once again, everything is very clearly explained in detail and I doubt you will be left with any questions once you watch the whole DVD.

They could probably have thrown all the materials in the box and shown you on the DVD exactly how to prepare them and put them together (which they do anyhow), and charged a lower price, but they did it all for you. PLUS they show you how to repair/replace/customize everything. You cannot really ask for more than that at a price like this. To be perfectly honest, if I paid $74.95/USD for this product and then saw the props and watched the DVD, I would not be upset at all.

As I stated earlier, if you have ever been in the market for a common-looking object disguised as a peek device, this will work very well and I highly recommend it!

5 stars.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

The pad that comes with this is a Rhodia brand and is readily available online. The size is A7.

Like the pad, the included marker will be familiar to many Europeans too - it is a Giotto Robercolor Dry Erase Marker, Black, Medium Tip. You can use other markers and other colors, including Sharpie brand markers, but this is perfect in my opinion.
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Product info for HPad

Author: Beaumont, Henri
Publisher: Marchand De Trucs
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $74.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading what your spectators have written... You're looking for the Hpad.

Months of design and development have gone in to ensuring that the Hpad meets the needs and expectations of modern mentalists. The Hpad comes as a full set that includes a DVD explaining all the moves you need to know to use the device, as well as two routines - an ACAAN and a magic-square effect.

The gimmicked marker pen has been specially manufactured to make sure that it's very comfortable to use and easy to read. Also supplied is another gimmick that can be fitted to a Sharpie.

The notepad used is made by Rhodia, so it's easy for you to refill yourself - simply buy a refill pack from a stationary store or Amazon.

What's included
Hpad Gimmicked marker pen
30-minute instructional DVD
PDF of additional ideas
Extra Sharpie gimmick

Key features:
Instantly obtain information in full view of your audience Very clear writing A7 size notepad - perfect for close-up Familiar style of notepad
A method for resetting immediately is built into the notepad - you can reset right in front of your spectators Polypropylene covers ensure that your notepad will last as long as possible

What the pros say...

"Henri Beaumont has finally made a pad that looks like a genuine notepad and produces the most readable impression on the market!"

Vincent Hedan

"This pad is quick and easy to use and resets instantly! It's perfect for any mentalist."

Luke Jermay

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