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Liam Montier's Voodoo (DVD and Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

October 16th, 2015 2:39am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very fun routine. You set aside a business card with a stick figure drawn on it. The participant writes down on a small piece of paper the name of someone they wouldn’t mind getting a little voodoo. You deal down from a stack of cards with Voodoo doll images with pins in different locations, one card for each letter of their name, arriving at a single Voodoo card with a pin in one of the various locations of the Voodoo doll body. You crumple the paper they wrote the name on, light it on fire, and reveal the business card stick figure now has a burn mark on the same spot as the Voodoo card.

The method is very good. His handling of the method is very strong. The Voodoo cards are shown to all have a different mark on them. The entire routine is well thought out, including theatrical elements such as using flashpaper as part of the reveal. The effect does not come with flashpaper. You must purchase that separately.

One very nice aspect of this routine is you give away your business card with the stick figure drawn on the back of the card and a burn mark that matches their selection. I think this is something the participant will likely take home with them, show to others, and now you have your business card as a conversation piece. Very clever!

The effect can be done completely surrounded.

The effect is very true to the advertising. What you see in the trailer is exactly the way it plays.

The props are very nice. The images are really eerie.


This isn’t so much a real negative, and.. the props are really awesome, but the front of the cards makes them look like they are really old, but the backs look really new. Once you learn the method, you might want to make your own cards and age them if you like.

The Voodoo cards cannot be examined.


This is an excellent routine, well thought out, with great theatrical appeal, and very strong magic.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

In the routine, he burns a bit of flash paper prior to the reveal. I think this is a very strong moment and I think it really makes the routine. However, some people really don’t like purchasing refills. So, here is another idea: You could use cigarette paper, or any small piece of really thin paper. Roll it into a loose ball and place it in an ashtray and light it. It won’t burn in a flash, but it will burn up in a few seconds. I had my daughter, who is taking ceramics class, make me a tiny Voodoo Doll looking ashtray.

One more thought: I like to know that I can end clean. You can’t have the cards examined. However, if you were to make your own Voodoo cards, you could have a second set of cards that could be examined. In the presentation, when you arrive at the selected card, keep it face down. Put the rest of the cards away in your pocket, the same pocket with a set of un-gimmicked cards. When you reveal the business card with the burn mark, reveal both cards at the same time. At that time, they may ask to see the rest of the cards. Reach into your pocket and remove the un-gimmicked set of cards.

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Product info for Liam Montier's Voodoo (DVD and Gimmicks)

Author: Montier, Liam
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Bigblindmedia presents Liam Montier's VOODOO (BBM129)


You draw a stickman onto a business card to represent a victim, which is left in the hands of a spectator.

An innocent passer by is shown a collection of photos, with voodoo dolls that have pins in various places. The stack of photos is placed aside.

The innocent party is now asked to name someone they wish to direct some 'bad mojo' towards. Let's say they go with 'Gordon'.

They write the name on a piece of paper, and then select one of the photographs at random.

The ritual is now complete, and the chosen photo is turned over - it shows (for example) a voodoo doll with a pin in the left arm.

The paper is touched to a flame to complete the ritual, and the name vanishes in a brilliant flash of fire!

You gingerly turn over the 'victim' - the business card placed aside at the beginning, and show that the stickman now has a serious burn, on the left arm! The innocent party is advised to keep the business card, but warned not to sleep with it under their pillow.

Includes: Handcrafted packaging 14 professionally designed and awesome looking photos! Full DVD Instructions (inc bonus eBook instructions of the main routine, and LOTS of variations and bonus ideas! DVD also includes all of the files to print your own photos!)

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