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Break Review

Official Review

August 22nd, 2015 8:51am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The effect looks tremendous and it is true to the ad copy!

The instruction is very good. They cover handling for how to have a regular penny examined, how to switch it out for a gimmicked penny and how to bend and then break the penny.

You get 25 gimmicked coins that look exactly like pennies because they are regular pennies that have been gimmicked so they will bend and break easily in half and then one of those halves will break again in half.

The routine is very clever in that you can have them try to bend a penny, then you bend and break it. You can then have them try to bend one of the halves, then you bend and break it.

In the manufacturing of the penny, they have incorporated tiny pieces of metal that fall out of the penny as it is broken. Some people have expressed this as a negative. However, this was by design. It is part of the effect where your presentation is about causing solid matter to begin to desintigrate.

The effect is super easy to do. If you can bend a business card, you can likely bend and break one of these gimmicked pennies.

The effect is best performed close-up. I don’t think this is a good parlor or stage effect.

Since the broken coins are of absolutely no value any more and can’t be used for any future performance, you really should give them out as a souvenir. The nice thing about them is you have three souvenirs to give out.

The product is true to the ad copy.


The negative, and in my opinion, it is a big negative, is the method. The method involves the 25 gimmicked coins so you can do 25 performances and then you are done, you would need to purchase additional gimmicks. One of the problems with this is the supplier has said that it is not easy to produce the gimmicks so availability apparently is a problem.

So, given the method, this could be in it’s own category, let’s call it “disposable magic”. I realize that this is not the only magic product that is “disposable”, but given the potential difficulties in future availability of the gimmicked coins, I think you really need to consider this before purchasing. So, it's not just the $2 cost per penny, it's also the potential availability problem.


Really excellent effect, but I don’t think the method is great, given the gimmicks are disposable and per the manufacturer, creating refills is a problem.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

If you do get and perform this effect, I think you should consider the motivation behind the coin bending in a perfectly straight line down the middle of the coin and how there are tiny particles of metal that come out of the coin as it is broken in half. I would suggest that you incorporate something else, such as a pencil, where you draw a line down the center of the coin and then “charge” the lead to react with the coin to cause it to break down the metal in the penny. You could have them try drawing a line down the middle of one of the halves and see if they can “charge” the lead. When they are unable, you take the piece, secretly switch with the other piece and cause it to bend and break.

I think a really cool idea would be to combine this with “The Examiner”, but to draw a line at the edges of the newspaper folds to be torn and then “charging” the edges to restore them. Either go from “The Examiner” to “Break”, or the other way around. You decide which is stronger.

Product info for Break

Author: Uday Jadugar
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Break by Uday Jadugar (Download + Gimmicks) VISUALLY bend then BREAK a real penny in front or your spectators eyes. Fully examinable BEFORE and AFTER

Possibly the CLEANEST and most VISUAL coin bend on the market.

Have you tried bending a coin with your hands? It’s impossible. Now try it with your MIND. BREAK is an effect that allows you to visually bend and break a coin in HALF. The spectator can attempt it, to no avail. You then do something crazy and repeat the effect, bending and breaking the coin again. All of this happens right in front of your spectator’s face. No funny moves, no switches, nothing to conceal -- and the coin can be SIGNED.
Real Metal. Real Money.

Break includes 25 handcrafted, authentic USA coins, engineered specifically for this effect. Never before has this technology and unique level of craftsmanship been applied to a coin bend routine. It’s entirely self-contained: you can perform this in short sleeves, with no switches.

There is nothing like BREAK on the market today. This is REAL metal. REAL currency. Truly bent and broken at your fingertips.
The best part?

Everything can be examined BEFORE and AFTER the effect. Let the spectator keep the broken, signed, mangled pieces - they’ll remember that moment forever.

Break includes 25 handcrafted USA coins along with an HD streaming instructional video showcasing different methods and performance tips.

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