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Horoscope Blue (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

August 6th, 2015 12:49pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This product is pretty typical of Magic Tao products, only a bit improved. It comes with everything you need to perform this right out of the box and there is a one-time set up of the cards included. In fact, if you use a different brand of cards, such as Phoenix or Tally-Ho or whatever your preference, you do not even have to use the included Bicycle cards, which are absolutely normal - you can make up the necessary props with any backs that you like.

The first few products of theirs that I reviewed had a DVD with good teaching and video but with audio quality that was all over the place, usually on the lower (read: crappier) end of the scale. I am happy to say that they have either taken to heart my word or that of other reviewers that have said the same thing, and made a great improvement. The audio on this disc was very good! The video quality and lighting are both still good. The menu is easy to navigate, you have an option to play all or chapter-by-chapter. If you view chapter-by-chapter, it returns you to the menu at the end of the chapter. The ad copy is 100% dead on - no fluff and no filler.

Fair warning: This disc is burned and not pressed so it may cause some issues for some, but it plays just fine. I am one of those that has a bit of an issue with burned DVDs - if I click play or go chapter by chapter and let it play through without interruption, I have no problems. If I try and pause it for a minute and go back to it, I can never get them to work. I have to take the disc out and put it back in, start over again. An annoyance at times but nothing to detract from the rating.

Again like most other Magic Tao DVDs, this one starts and ends aprubtly without fading into the first part or out of the bonus section at the end. Chris Congreave is a great teacher and explains everything very thoroughly with a guest at his side. He shows you what you get with your DVD, how to prepare them and how to set the effect up for performance. This is not hard at all to do and his main handling requires palming. If you are not keen on palming, he offers up a version that does not require it at all. He also teaches a few additional tips and a couple of additional hidden effects with the included magazine pages. Both are identical on the front, but the reverse is different - one gives you the option for a comedy presentation of the effect and the other is a straighforward and serious presentation. I loved the lines on the comedic version, but they will not be for everyone - I like the fact that they included two sheets to give you a choice.

Also included on this disc is a PDF file with horoscope images that you can print out on blank face cards, or you can print and paste them onto blank faced card as suggested. These files meant to be used with one of the bonus ideas on the disc

Overall this a great product that will play well for most audiences and is a great tie-in if you do cartomancy or any sort of horoscope work in your shows. It can be played as deep or as lightly as you like.

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Product info for Horoscope Blue (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Congreave, Chris
Publisher: Magic Tao
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

You ask your spectator if they have read their horoscope and that you have a horoscope page, torn from a magazine, in your wallet. You tell them that each star sign has a lucky playing card; they then select a card. You take a prediction from inside your wallet that not only predicts their card, but also their star sign! On the magazine page is a reading for their star sign and printed on the page is their lucky card. Comes with 2 presentations, serious and comedy, plus a DVD with full explanations.

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