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In Transit Review

Official Review

June 23rd, 2015 1:31pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This video was short and to the point, but still very thorough. It comes to you from a newcomer to the world of magic video production: Lost Art Magic.

What you have here is a fresh look at the classic Shell Coins Across plot. Curtis adds a few new things to this to make an already strong version of this effect even stronger.

Curtis Kam is known for putting out fear-inducing and knuckle-busting material for coin workers that will make your fingers bleed (no, not really but some might claim such a thing!), but you will find none of that in this video. This is easy to do with practice necessary to get make it smooth.

Curtis lives up to his reputation as an excellent teacher and teaches you everything you need to know, and then some. He also talks about why you should take the effects that you learn and perform and make them your own, adding your own personality and style to them. Everything is taught clearly and if you have never performed a Shell Coins Across before, this would be, in my opinion, a great place to start.*

The ad copy for this is minimal and 100% accurate. The video and audio quality are fantastic. For the quality of the production and the fact that it is taught by one of the top coin magicians in the world, the $7.99 price tag is very, very good (read: LOW).

If you like the work of Curtis Kam, if you are (like me) a coin guy and if you have ever performed any version of the Shell Coins Across (and even if you have not), you will like this video. Whether you have been performing this effect with a shell for years or have only begun, there are pointers and parts to this routining that everyone will find useful for themselves.

VERY HIGHLY recommended!

5 Stars!

Suggestions from the Reviewer

*A classic handling for the Shell Coins Across can be found in the David Roth book 'Expert Coin Magic', published by Richard Kaufman. The Roth handling is considered one of the best and by many, a standard way of doing Shell Coins Across. It is not difficult to do.

It can also be found in the J.B. Bobo book, 'Modern Coin Magic'. The work found in this book on the Shell Coins Across is very good for beginners as well and is easy to do.

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Product info for In Transit

Author: Kam, Curtis
Publisher: Lost Art Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $7.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

This one's for the Workers. You know that one routine you always do, because it's simple, solid, visual; ends with the coins in their hands, and a scream? Now it's better. Now they'll scream twice.

You are magic. You are the power to amaze and entertain at will. And you keep getting better. You are In Transit. This is Curtis Kam's masterful upgrade to the classic shell coins across. Because if you're just standing still, you're not going anywhere.

|| Disclaimer ||

For In Transit, you will need a little something that's either already in your junk drawer or easily obtainable, as well as a little something that will fit inside the first thing.

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