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Ritual of Liberation Review

Official Review

June 11th, 2015 4:44pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
There are many people, even and especially some magicians, who believe that magic is just show and as such, it does not hold any power to profoundly affect those that witness it. They believe that for many different reasons, but there are plenty of great performers out there that have proven otherwise...

This is one of those products where you will get two different things sent to you - one via the internet and the other two items via the mail. The first is the video download instructions. In the mail you will get two sheets of instructions which include other ideas to use with the bracelet, and the bracelet itself.

This effect is not new, but Jeff does a great job in teaching the effect, plus a variation which may be familiar to many of you. He also gives a few suggestions on other things to do with the included bracelet and anyone who does pendulum work may well like that part. If you do any sort of reading or divination, it may also interest you, if for anything else but the references that he gives to other sources of material on that subject (pendulum work, that is).

The video is well-shot, the audio is great and everything as I mentioned is very well taught. There is no menu as it is a download video that runs straight through when you push the play button.

The paper instructions are printed with heavy lines and text (read: bold) and on slightly heavier paper that looks like parchment - a nice touch considering the theme with which Jeff presents his brand of magic. The instructions are thorough for what they are (2 pages, both printed front and back). The beads on your bracelet will vary but once you know how the effect works, you can easily find the materials in a craft shop to make your own.

This is one of my favorite effects to perform and I have witnessed first-hand how powerful it can be with the right presentation and I have used this with great results in various situations and venues. With the right presentation this effect can be used as a casual bit for friends or as a way to illustrate various points during your workshops at corporate offices.

Another thing about this effect is that what you will learn from the video and the printed instructions are the bare-bones working of the effect - the method itself. You will have to create your own presentation for this effect because as it is, it is a rather mundane effect by itself. It is the presentation and the scripting that really give this effect the powerful punch, and I can personally attest to its ability to do that.

The materials are all great quality, the teaching is great and if you like the effect as described or you think you might have a presentation for it already, get it. The price could have perhaps been a bit lower, even with the great quality behind everything, but in comparison many other high-priced items, this is not a lot of money for what you are getting.

4 stars.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

One thing I would suggest when you get your bracelet (or if/when you make your own): Use a candle or a lighter to fuse the knots gently so that they are permanent. Nothing to do with poor quality - I recommend this just because of the material that it is made of - even tight knots can easily come undone.

Product info for Ritual of Liberation

Author: Jeff McBride
Publisher: McBride Magic, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could always be prepared to magically transform someone’s day, without resorting to props that only a magician would carry?

Imagine… a chance meeting with a corporate executive who’s interested in magic and is planning the company’s next big event. She asks you to “show me something.” You unwrap a mysterious, beaded bracelet that’s been wrapped around your wrist. With it you not only prove your magical prowess, but you leave her with an experience that will certainly brighten her day -- and just might have a long-lasting impact on her life and the livelihood of her business … a Ritual of Liberation.

The effect comes complete with cord and a scroll containing two versions of Jeff McBride’s Ritual of Liberation. In addition, you’ll learn Brad Henderson’s Everlasting Pendulum Divination -“ possibly the most important pendulum effect of the last thirty years. By combining multiple psychological techniques, Brad teaches you how to train the spectator to find their own selected card.

Once you own it, you’ll find that the prop can be used for many different effects. It can act as a pendulum, a penetration device, and even a self defense mechanism (though we don’t encourage this and make no guarantees). What’s more, you can feel comfortable allowing the spectator to handle the prop as much as she likes. There’s no gimmick for her to discover!

Ritual of Liberation is also a great conversation starter. You can permanently remove the phrase “want to see a trick?” from your vocabulary. Once they see you wearing one, they’ll be interested. Magicians will recognize it also … a symbol that you belong to a unique group of individuals who take their magic seriously.

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