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Corner of Piccadilly (Poker Size) Review

October 19th, 2015 2:21pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

In my opinion, this is one of the best packet trick routines ever! It uses antique looking cards that are not gimmicked. The routine requires a few sleights, but with a bit of practice, it is not that difficult to perform.

It comes with the necessary cards, but because they are not gimmicked, you could make your own set of replacements. It will take three decks to make a set, but with three decks, you would have a lifetime supply of refills.


The one downside is this is not a packet trick you can perform by removing cards from a regular deck of cards, like you would with, say an oil and water routine.


To me, this is the best packet trick ever! It seems like it would be impossible to do without gimmicked cards, but the cards are not gimmicked. The moves are relatively easy, with a little practice, and you could make your own replacement packets.

I had a hard time purchasing this effect, but you can get the full description of it, minus the props, on his DVD called "Killer Card Stuff". You can create your own props.

I like to use antique looking cards. You can do an internet search for "Highlander's 1864 Poker Card Replicas" for a really nice, not too expensive deck. You might want to purchase four or more decks and you will have a lifetime supply (of course, depending on how long you live).

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Author: Paul Gordon
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With minimal sleight-of-hand, four (regular) antique-looking cards are used with a 'Find The Lady/Monte' patter routine. You start with, say, three red spot cards and one black court card. After the great "find the lady style" routine, you end up with three black court cards and just one red spot card!

Can be performed strolling or at tables! You start and end clean - no fakes, either! Great kicker (surprise) ending!

  • Starts And Ends Clean
  • Average Card Skills Required
  • No Fakes - Easy Reset
  • 8 Page Booklet
  • Stunning Antique Reproduction Poker Sized Cards Supplied
"Corner of Piccadilly is a very strong monte routine that uses un-gaffed cards. Its kicker is truly astounding, and all can be examined. If ever there was a "worker", this is it."
- David Regal (Genii Magazine)

"Corner of Piccadilly is a very solid routine: ideal for strolling and formal shows. The cards are beautiful and at the end, all is examinable. Recommended"
- John Lovick (Magic Magazine)

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