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Stone Frixion Fire Review

Official Review

November 20th, 2015 10:07am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very comprehensive DVD of many applications using a frixion pen.

The DVD dives right into different effects and presentations using a frixion pen and several other props, including playing cards, flash paper, business cards, etc.

YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES: A great card routine with a written prediction and a selected card. The prediction is missing, but it magically appears upon burning the card. His presentation is very humorous.

BURNING TIME: Spectator signs and dates a book of matches. The matchbook travels in time to before it was written on. I like the effect, but I didn’t like the idea of ruining a perfectly good book of matches, but the concept can be applied to a number of ideas.

THE HOTTEST NEW TRICK: Four borrowed coins, one of each denomination. The participant selects one of the coins. The performer reveals a prediction with all the coins revealed. He then goes on to apply heat and only the selected coin remains.

RUBIK’S CUBIN’: A fun time travel that starts with asking a performer to reminisce back to the 1980’s. The participant is asked what memories the 1980’s brings to mind. The performer then says that his fondest memory of the 1980s is the Rubik’s Cube. Very funny.

DROPPIN THE BOMB: Another version of the self-solving Rubik’s cube. In this version, a cube drawing disappears from the paper and a real one appears. There are some excellent Rubik Cube DVDs available. This would be a great intro to another Rubik’s cube effect.

MONEY TO BURN: This is an excellent routine where the participant selects on of three coins drawn on a card. A piece of paper is placed on the card and lit on fire. The drawing the their selected coin disappears, but in it’s place is a real coin. This is a SUPER STRONG piece of magic.

CORNERED: A nice effect ending in the disappearance of a drawn corner missing from a card and the corner is restored on the card.

BRING ME TO LIFE: A drawing of a rubber band disappears and turns into a real rubber band. Quite a few of the effect demonstrate various ways you can make a drawing of something disappear and have the actual item appear.

MINI MEME: A miniature playing card appears in place of a drawing of a prediction card.

LOLA: A fun little effect where a drawing of a woman, “Lola”, turns into a drawing of a man.

IN FLAMES: A prediction that says: “FIRE” turns into a prediction that says “7C”.

BACTERIA: This is an effect like the trained “flea circus”, but with something even smaller, bacteria. The effect is very fun and really brings out the emotions in the participant.

HISTORY OF FRIXION MAGIC: He talks about the history of frixion pens and some effects that had been previously published using this principle. This is a really good resource for other ideas if you really get into more frixion effects.

On the DVD you also get a PDF of the original Frixion Fire book by Jeff Stone.

He also teaches about the pens and how to convert a regular pen into a frixion pen so you can use it in performance.


Not much to say. The DVD is very thorough and has 17 great routines as well as a bunch of bonus material.


A great collection of frixion effects. This is a must have.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Stone Frixion Fire

Author: Stone, Jeff
Publisher: Jeff Stone
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Based on the Best Selling e-book, comes the Stone Frixion Fire DVD!

The Stone Frixion Fire DVD (Watch the Trailer Now!) creates a smokin' hot combination! The Stone Frixion Fire e-book was wildly popular and now comes the DVD! Join Jeff and members of his creative team as the e-book's effects (plus many more!) are brought to life. Jeff devotes extensive time to explaining the uses of Frixion pens and all the little touches needed to wield these powerful, yet innocent-looking tools!

From simple revelations to quirky little effects you'd never have imagined, Jeff pulls out all the stops.

Plus...more bonus material than you can shake a fire extenguisher at! Tired of doing the same old stuff? Heat up your performances with Stone Frixion Fire today!

When the Frixion pen first came to my attention, my team and I came up with a ton of killer ideas for the pen...Heat sensitive ink...a beautiful tool for the magi. From our brainstorming, experimenting and playing came Stone Frixion Fire, my best selling e-book.

No product I've release has even come close ...The printed version is the top seller at my lectures, and the electronic version continues to be the number one product here at Stone Cold Magic. Multiple reorders from wholesalers can't be wrong. Well it's gone from outline to script to production to edit to replication to HERE!

This DVD is destined to be a record breaker. Thanks to many, many, many friends and magic consultants, this DVD is PACKED with a ton of killer material. Plus you get the E-Book For FREE with the DVD. Plus you get access to a secret website with even more ideas!*

The effects on the DVD fall into every skill level and just about every genre of close up magic you can imagine. There is something for EVERYONE on this DVD

Included with the DVD:

  • Free Access to a Secret Site with even more bonus material*
  • Free copy of the original e-book that started it all
  • 45 minutes of bonus footage
  • Brief History of Frixion Magic
  • 17 effects and ideas:

    • Burnin' Time - "Unburn" a book of matches with no switches
    • You Won't Believe Your Eyes - A classic from Norman Ashworth brought into the 21st century
    • Rubik's Cubin - Solve a Rubik's cube drawing with fire and magic!
    • The Evanesence effect(s) - Cause a drawing to vanish and become a physical object
    • Money to Burn - create real money in a flash of fire
    • Cornered - Fuse a torn playing card with fire!
    • Droppin' The Bomb - Create a real mini-Rubik's cube in a flash of fire
    • Bacteria - Trained bacteria? Yep...
    • ...and sooooooooooo much more!
* NOTE: Secret Site info is printed on face of the DVD, NOT on a card as stated in the video clip.


"I dove into the [Frixion] DVD a little bit last night. Awesome stuff, man ...Very well put together and thought out ...I just love the "review" of past peoples' work with Frixion pens ...that was good ...gobs of good bonus material ...whatever you charge won't be enough!!"
- Paul Budd

"Jeff Stone's new 'Frixion' dvd features an entire world of ideas and will undoubtedly inspire many viewers to create their own exciting variations. Very fun stuff!"
- Jay Sankey

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