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Stone Cold Magic Review

Official Review

September 17th, 2015 12:05am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I don’t normally like Ace production routines. They come across like arrogant, “I could cheat you if I wanted to” displays of superiority. I really like his Ace Bandage, Ace production routine. Possibly one of the best four ace productions I have ever seen!

I also really liked his mini hand palming routine. Very clever, very unique.

The midget card routine is awesome! Great routine, great method, great instruction.

The target card: Another great routine.

I guess what I’m saying is there are a lot of really unique, really good routines on this DVD.

The DVD is all card routines, and many REALLY good routines.


I would really advise magic producers to not perform to try to entertain magicians. Demonstrate how to perform for an audience. You can always tell the difference between patter for magicians and patter for an audience. Patter for magician does things like make jokes about magician moves or makes humor of an imaginary participant “Sir, or ma’am, I’m not sure which you are, take a card.” This is NEVER patter that would be used for an actual audience. DROP the magician patter and get an audience in your studio (home, saloon, park, etc.) so you can demonstrate audience patter.

I think Jeff is a really funny guy, but please, apply your humor to an audience of laypeople, not an audience of magicians.

A lot of effects use the undercut to control a card to the top. This really is not that great of a move, unless there is heavy misdirection. If you place a card in the middle, and cut about half the deck to the top, would the card still be in the middle? This move is only ok with heavy misdirection.

One last thing: the DVD is performance after performance, followed by the explanations. I really wish producers would get the message that DVDs should have performance, explanation, performance, explanation… People want to see the explanation after they have seen the routine.

OK, one more last thing: If you say: “You could do a deck switch”, then teach a deck switch!


OK, I know I ranted a bit. But.. This is a REALLY AWESOME DVD!. I would love to see Jeff apply his humor to audience situations instead of directing it to magicians, but all in all, a great DVD.

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Product info for Stone Cold Magic

Author: Jeff Stone
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Get ready to experience 17 Effects That Will Stone Cold Kill Your Audience! Imagine a playing card vanishing right out of your hand and right under the nose of your spectators - Sardeen Window is the ultimate Close-up Street vanish. On Stone Cold Magic, You'll find very visual and totally commercial card magic and much, much, much more!

Included are 13 killer effects, almost 2 full hours of incredible original magic as well as outtakes and 4 bonus effects, including The Mistress Card Principle and The Spectral Chill Concept - two rockin' ideas to take your magic to the next level.

Check out the list of killer effects below! Check out the bonus material! With almost 2 full hours of incredible magic, you can't go wrong!

Ace Bandage:
An updated version of a classic Paul LePaul effect. Four indifferent cards, one at a time, visibly transform into The Four Aces.

Sardeen Window:
The most incredible invisible palm yet! Watch your audience gasp in disbelieve as a card vanishes right before their eyes.

Little People:
An amazingly commercial card revelation with plenty of comedy and lots of midgets!

Cause a card to visibly shrink to half of it's original size!

The Target Card:
A masterpiece from David Winkler; the ultimate spectator finds the card effect where the deck is formed into a gun to launch a card invisibly from one spectator to another.

Keep Your Eye On The Joker:
Whoa! Hold on to your hats. Don't blink or you'll miss the Joker's insanely visual transformation into The Four Aces.

The WTC Move:
Teach your audience the secret WTC move, and still blow their minds as the move happens right under their noses.

The tragic story of The Kings being removed from their lofty thrones, oh yeah, and an unbelievably visual vanish of The Kings one at a time!

Jackson Hole:
Ok, you might as well stop here! Learn Brad Gordon's blip move and you've got the most visual two-card transpo ever!

Counterfeit Cards:
So, all you have is a bunch of blank cards; bummer; luckily you can magically print an entire deck of cards, and everything is examinable.

My Psychic Deck:
From the Mind of Jason Montoya comes a beautiful twist on the Chicago Opener plot. Your deck knows the gender of its audience.

A Rat At The Table:
Never play cards with a Rat! You just might have a Royal Ace Trick. A streamlined handling of the classic Gambler vs. Magician Theme.

Ace Freely:
If you want a visually stunning appearance of an Ace then this is your bag baby!

Bonus effects:
The Mistress Card Principle:

Yet another demon spawn from the mind of Jason Montoya. I say demon because this subtlety is so devilish and so devastating that real working pros will absolutely add this principle their repertoire immediately.

The Spectral Chill Concept:
Resurrecting a long dead principle with a modern twist that will literally have the spectators thinking that playing cards are possessed by the supernatural.

Jay Sankey's Triangle Pop-up plus three selections equals a startling, visual, animated three-card revelation.

Stone Cold Color Change:
A rockin' visual color change of a playing card!

You'll also be able to check out the unreleased footage of the original production of Stone Cold Magic on DVD. As if the 13 effects and 4 bonus effects weren't enough, you'll get to watch the bloopers from the original video shoot. This footage has never been released, and the original taping, due to technical problems, has been scrapped, so this is rare footage of bloopers and gags that will have you on the floor doubled over with laughter.

13 effects, plus 4 bonus effects, plus hilarious unreleased footage, plus gags, plus an entertaining teacher, plus lots of references to midgets equals one killer magic DVD! For $25.00 bucks, you just can't go wrong!

Running Time Approximately 3 hr

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