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Bip Book 2.0 Review

November 25th, 2015 11:16am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

You virtually have a mentalism act in your pocket. This little booklet allows you to perform a multi-phase mentalism routine with multiple participants. It includes various elements that allow you to demonstrate mentalism through visual, audio, touch, etc.

The prop is good quality and can be handed out to the participants.

Different participant’s can turn to different pages and you can reveal something different for each participant.

Each page has several different types of revelations. All of them have different, but simple ways for you to reveal the information. Some are a direct revelation and others require some questioning. However, they are all structured in solid magic concepts.


You will need to demonstrate to the participants how to use the booklet.


This is one of the best, handiest mentalism props around.

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Author: Alakazam
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Manufacturer's Description:

BIP 2.0 - Upgraded for use anywhere in the world and with a new killer finale.

Imagine handing out a small, official-looking book from the British Institute of Parapsychology.

You freely show each page to contain several different pieces of information: a word, a time, some different-coloured shapes and some random numbers between 10 and 999.

1. The book is handed to participant number one who opens it to any page and looks at a number. He uses that number to choose a country from a list printed at the front of the book. He is asked to think about that country, its capital and any famous landmarks.

2. Participant number two opens the book at any page and remembers the word printed there. He now turns to the back of the book and 'free associates' his word with any of the objects found there.

3. Participant three opens the book and remembers 2 shapes and their colours.

4. Participant four opens the book and remembers a 2 or 3 digit number.

5. The final participant opens the book and remembers a time.

Now, without touching or taking the book back, you can read the participant's minds and name all five items! Or you could write or draw one, two or all five of them! Or predict the final choice! The options are limitless.

This is absolutely incredible and can be performed on 1-5 participants yet is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket!

This custom-manufactured book will instantly become part of your working repertoire, ideal for walk-around, table-hopping or parlour and will even play for stage!

Easy-to-learn, in fact you will be performing this almost as soon as you open the package.

No peeks, sleights, cribs or 'memory work' is required. You can even be standing across the room when the choices are made and at no time during performance do you ever need to touch the book!

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