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Oracle Review

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April 2nd, 2015 6:08am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This was a fun little idea for me to play with because I am a numbers geek, BUT there is an inherent presentational problem with it which I will get to a bit.

First of all, the DVD is rather short - just about 22 minutes and it is very well shot, the lighting was good, the video and sound quality were fantastic and the minimal menu was a non-issue. I only had one issue with the ad copy but I do not believe it was meant to be deceptive and that was the use of the word 'prediction'. You actually do not predict anything but rather, you divine it. Other than that minor point the ad copy is completely honest and accurate.

Titanas does and excellent job of teaching you everything you need to know to do this and to do it well. The method - now therein lies an issue, which will be bigger for some people and not at all for others. Allow me to clarify:

Because of how this works, you will really have to split your thinking 'WHILE' you are performing, something that human brains cannot really do - that is, doing two things at once. To present this and make it smooth and appear effortless, you will really have to work on a presentation that will not take too much thought - even as quick as Titanas was with his working of the method, his presentation was missing. I cannot really say much more without giving it away.

The method is solid and it does work very, very well. It is also very simple, but it will be difficult for some and maybe less difficult for others. If you are the kind of person who cannot do simple math under fire without too much effort, this product will not be for you.

There is a way to simplify the selection process which is the way that Titanas teaches it on the DVD, which restricts their choices to all but 12 or 13 cards. In that way of doing the method, you automatically know what cards were NOT chosen. That is all good and fine but if you use the method in the same way, it will work just the same but allowing them to choose ANY card they want - you just have to do a tad more work. Again, nothing horribly difficult as far as the method.

As far as learning the method and getting up to a good speed with it, it took me about a day of practice but I realize that for most people, as Titanas suggested, it will take most people about a week or two of good practice to get it up to the same level of speed as he is. Once you get the speed, you have to be able to talk to your self (silently, in your head) while talking out loud to your audience.

Here is the big issue I have with this effect: No matter how efficient (read: speedily) you are able to do this, because of how it is done the spectators may in fact be able to guess a very valid method. Though they would be off the mark in this particular instance, it just deflates whatever presentation you put into it and makes the whole thing rather pointless. IF you were to perform it using the method that most spectators would guess, it would actually be easier than the real method, though even with efficiency it would probably take just as long to execute. It would be hard to circumvent this way of thinking. If you watch the ad trailer you may know what I am talking about and if you have this product then you will know. This is not a bad thing necessarily - just the needle that will deflate your balloon if the audience happens to think of it from this angle.

It is a fun thing to play around with and the method is solid, but there is that potential problem of this becoming more of a speedy observation demonstration than any sort of magic or mental mystery.

If you like what you read in the ad copy you will not be disappointed, especially for the price - you just might be slightly intimidated by the method regardless of its simplicity.

4 stars.

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Author: Titanas
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Titanas' mind is a playground of wonderful, magical concepts. Oracle is a shining beacon of his creativity.

A shrouded, classic card magic concept was reborn as Titanas transformed this concept, shortcutted all of the most tedious elements and ended up with a simplified, easy, yet incredibly powerful card effect that can be used anytime, any deck anywhere.

Oracle is one of the most versatile systems for creating an impossible coincidence as two spectators select a card and its mate, that has astounded even the most initiated magicians. Easy to learn. Simple to master. Predict any thought of card. Use any borrowed deck. No forces, peeks, duplicates, etc.

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