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Welcome To My World Review

November 22nd, 2015 5:51am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

Some very clever new ideas. These techniques will take a bit of practice, but are within reach of intermediate or perhaps a beginner with a bit more practice.

On this project, John has a variety of effects, some using cards, some using other items, like an Ice Breaker candy box.

Black hole is a great gimmick for your card box. He teaches a few really great routines with this great gimmick.

The gimmicks are clever. None of the gimmicks are included, but the DVD gives the instruction needed to construct the gimmicks.


The DVD was a real eclectic mix of a variety of ideas. Many had little to do with each other. Some may deem this a problem, but I think it was a very nice mix of ideas from a very clever magician.

There is a bit of confusion at the beginning when he hints at how this concept of "my world" has changed his magic. However, "my world" is not a particular gimmick, or any other particular magic concept. Putting that confusion aside, the DVD was full of really good ideas.

At the end, he offers to email additional thoughts and routines for free.


Really nice eclectic mix of a variety of ideas including cards, a candy box, a straw, a bottle cap, etc. Very nice project.

Product info for Welcome To My World

Author: Stessel, John
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

John Stessel is a strikingly creative magician. On this DVD, he invites you to take an intriguing journey into his world.

Abandon all preconceptions.

Inside this mysterious realm, you won't encounter common effects produced by familiar methods. Instead you'll discover seven innovative and unique phenomena crafted by arcane means.

Earthly laws of physics don't apply here... Watch as everyday items transmute and take flight, Ordinary objects behave in extraordinary ways.

These powerful, entertaining effects will cause your spectators to question their perceptions and reconsider their notions of the impossible.

Welcome to John Stessel's world...

Ice Breaker- One of the best ways to break the ice with a person... EVER! With Ice Breaker the magician visually changes an Icebreaker mint container from blue to green, or from mint to candy, this is easy, fun, organic magic at its best.

Merge 1.0- an extremely visual change of a playing card, done with no sleight of hand, and to make this even more impossible, the card is isolated in a rubber band and still visually changes!

Bendable- this is an organic miracle, walk up to a person at a party or in a restaurant, borrow a bendy straw, and visually have the bend of the straw begin to move across the length of the straw, with absolutely no cover, and impossibly end on the other side. The straw can be immediately examined, and the spectator is left with an amazing simple souvenir.

Black Hole- A gimmick that changes your card box into a secret vanishing weapon, audibly vanish coins, make objects vanish in the spectator's hands, make objects appear, the possibilities of the Black Hole gimmick are endless, oh and was it mentioned that at the end the box can be examined? Yeah it's the real deal. Three bullet proof routines are tough with the Black Hole gimmick, but the true potential of this gimmick is up to you to discover!!!

Popcorn- The name goes without being said organic easy and tasty! Popcorn is a situational effect where you borrow a piece of popcorn, you hold it at your fingertips and with the blink of an eye it visually and quickly jumps into the magician's mouth! Eat and enjoy!

Cap Off- Borrow a water bottle, borrow a cap, place the cap upside down on top of the bottle, without any motion of the hands, have that cap impossibly fall off! Everything is instantly examinable, and you are instantly reset!

Arrow- A modern day tribute to Robin Hood, one production, one shot, one stab, a whole lot of magic, and a big display of skill, with barely any skill!

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