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Orient Express Review

Official Review

November 13th, 2015 11:50am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is possibly the best copper, silver, brass (CSB) type effect ever! What makes this unique is the props are clean and distinct. Instead of having to explain the different types of coins, you can focus solely on color. You have a blue coin, a black coin, and a red coin.

The props are extremely well made. They are made of solid metal and should last a very long time. They come with everything you will need to perform the effect and hand out coins for examination should you desire to do so.

The instruction is excellent. The routine starts with the participant examining the three coins and ends with them examining the three coins. This effect is typical of Mark Mason where the instruction and the routines are thorough, well thought out, concise, and he covers every aspect, from beginning to end.

The methods are pretty easy and well thought out. With just a bit of practice, any beginner should be able to do this.

The effect is best suited for close-up or parlor. I suppose it could be done on stage, but it is probably not best suited for that.

The effect is true to the ad copy and it is a beautiful routine.


This is tough. I can’t think of any downside or area for concern. It does use these colored gimmicked coins, so this is not a routine that you would perform with any other set of coins.

In this version of CSB, you don’t have three different coins as in Mexican, American, and British coins. The coins are all identical Chinese coins that simulate the old Chinese coins with holes in the middle. However, the coins are different color. So, the patter must be different from the traditional CSB pattern that typically involves showing three different coins, generally from three different parts of the world. This may be an issue for some people, but I think it is more appealing to most audiences in that is simplifies the premise by just focusing on the different colors.


Quite possibly the best CSB effect ever.

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Product info for Orient Express

Author: Mason, Mark
Publisher: Mark Mason
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $100.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

One of Mark's favourite professional routines.

This is Mark's brilliant handling for copper/silver brass, using NO COPPER, NO SILVER, JUST BRASS.

Orient Express uses 3 different colored Chinese coins.

The transpositions and exchanges are TWICE as strong and visual as the colors change places and not the coins.

This is easy, direct magic that's perfect for any audience. With Mark's handling its so simple to remember which coin is where, as they follow the colors and not the coins.

Comes complete with:
1 x Full training DVD.
1 X Red Chinese Coin.
1 x Blue Chinese Coin.
1 x Black Chinese Coin.
1 x Expanded Chinese Black reversible Shell.
1 x Red/Blue copper/silver Chinese Coins.

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