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The 52 vs Joker Project Review

September 7th, 2015 5:40am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The project comes with a couple of gimmicks, one is a variation of the 52 on 1 card, but with a twist. Several really good routines are taught.

There is one routine in particular, “Welcome to the Underbox”, that is, perhaps on it’s own worth the price of the DVD.


This project is based on 52 on 1, which many magicians may not particularly like. However, this contains a collection of unique 52 on 1 type routines with a unique gimmick that elevates the 52 on 1 from a gag to real magic.


Very nice DVD, nice gimmicks, and good instruction. This elevates the cheesy 52 on 1 plot to a new level of magic.

Product info for The 52 vs Joker Project

Author: Jones, Gary & Congreaves, Chris
Publisher: BigBlindMedia
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Inside this package you'll find two awesome playing card gaffs printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

The 52 on 1 Card features an entire deck of cards on one side and a joker on the other. And the second gaff is a double facer with a Joker on one side and a 5 of Hearts (or Spades) on the reverse.

Using these two secret weapons you'll be able to unleash a mindblowing series of effects.

Presented by renowned UK magicians Gary Jones and Chris Congreave, this DVD is packed with material and will have you WOWING people in no time.

And best of all - the magic is EASY, so you can concentrate on the presentation and taking the applause.

Six routines are taught, and you'll also find some killer bonus material on offer.

Dive into the 52 vs Joker Project NOW!

52 on Rye
Kickback 52
Miracle Vanish
The J in B Trick
Welcome To The Underbox
Sign This!

Plus some kick ass bonus material
Card To Pocket
Sharpie Doctor
The Top Palm Control

Running Time Approximately: 51 min

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