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Classic Carey Review

Official Review

August 22nd, 2015 8:52am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

Simply superb! While this DVD may not be for everyone, what John Carey has done is taken 13 different card plots and distilled them into the easiest handling with the biggest bang.

All use a regular deck of cards with no gaffs. Most are done with a shuffled deck.

I have done dozens of oil and water routines, and thought I had narrowed my oil and water down to the best routine with regular cards and no extra cards until I saw John's O&W. His routine is ten times better.


Even though he has streamlined magic effects, most of his routines will take some practice to get them down, but wouldn't that be true of most good magic?


This is an awesome collection of card magic. Highly recommended.

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Product info for Classic Carey

Author: Carey, John
Publisher: RSVP - Russ Stevens
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Welcome to our first DVD for 2015, Classic Carey, starring the inimitable John Carey.

Featuring 13 brand new routines using just a regular deck of playing cards, join John once again as he presents and explains some brand new routines and twists on some familiar plots, all in the streamlined and simple way that he's now famous for.

1. If we could turn back time. A lovely direct opening piece involving the theme of time and a selected card. Strong, memorable and very practical.

2. A little oil, a little water. One of John's favourite card pieces. A progressive approach to a card classic with a slow motion finale.

3. Think n synch revisited. A beautiful and almost self working demonstration of synchronicity between the magician and the spectator. Very commercial!

4. Paradox. Carey has always had a passion for the classical mystery card effect. This version is about as direct as it gets.

5. A card and a number. The clue is in the title. A card at any number designed for the working performer. Impromptu and always good to go.

6. You and me! A premise built around luck and a spectator's signed card. Maximum effect, minimal handling.

7. Personal Ambitions. John's latest and favourite ambitious card routine. The structure of this is a lesson in routining and management.

8. Y.A.F.T! A streamlined in the hands triumph effect with a recall...

9. Just think... Another Carey approach to the mystery card that is very bold but ever so practical.

10. Just Whisper. Carey's latest approach to the whispering card plot. Super direct and very strong!

11. Trilogy. John's three phase sandwich routine designed for strolling work.

12. Open for business... Just watch how subtle and strong this is!

13. Mental projection. A beautifully simple piece designed for two people. Streamlined for maximum effect and entertainment.

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