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Double Deception Deluxe Review

Official Review

August 22nd, 2015 8:52am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

In my opinion, this is one of, if not the best gimmicked coin set of all time!

The coins are VERY well made.

The instruction is superb.

The coins come in various denominations. I have both the quarter and half dollar and I would say I really only use the half dollar any more. Both sets work perfectly well and both are very well made. I thought I would prefer a more "ordinary" quarter coin for close-up, but I developed a routine (In the suggestion section) that lends itself better to the half dollar.


I have three of these, and on one of them, the rubber band broke. I found it hard to fix the rubber band. I know it's doable, I just couldn't do it. I set it aside, perhaps I can get someone with smaller more nimble fingers to fix it for me.


Simply tremendous piece of magic.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

One of my favorite routines uses this set of coins. I keep the coins in a coin collector paper sleeve. They are available at coin collector stores or online made specifically for the coin size you are using (I have the half dollar sleeves). I then place this in a small leather coin pouch that only holds this coin set in the coin collector sleeve.

I talk to the audience about "lesser" superpowers. I ask if anyone has any "lesser" superpowers. I sheepishly talk about my superpower which is the power of my breath. My breath is so strong, I can blow on something and make it seem invisible. I take out the coins and make them invisible with a pointer finger curl palm as I blow on the coin concealed by my left hand. I pretend to hold the coin in my left hand while I display the "invisible coin" between my right middle finger and thumb. When called out on this, I then open my left hand, showing it empty, and point at the "invisible" coin. This is a shocking moment, as the coin is simply gone. I then cause the coin to reappear by shaking my right hand up and down and doing the sleight.
I then tell a spectator that I'm going to use the power of my breath to make them see double. I blow in their direction and the single coin turns into two coins.
I then explain to them that earlier, when the coin disappeared, the coin actually temporarily turned to gas, like water turning to vapor. In this state, it can pass through items. I demonstrate how the coin passes through one of my closed fist and into the other. I then demonstrate the passing of the coin with a bandana as they do in the explanation. The final routine is to repeat the effect, but with the spectator blowing on the coin and pulling the coin through the bandana just as they explain in the DVD. I end by suggesting that it seems the participant has superpower breath as well.

Product info for Double Deception Deluxe

Author: Mark Mason & Bob Swadling
Publisher: Mark Mason
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Double Deception Deluxe by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling (US Quarter) They don't just FEEL the magic.. THEY DO IT THEMSELVES. Precision so fine, these coins can actually be examined. EACH UNIT HAND-MADE BY BOB SWADLING. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.

"Not only did THEY freak out... I DID TOO" -Nick Locapo

This coin set will never leave your pocket.

Nick Locapo lives with his Double Deception Deluxe. These coins literally never leave his pocket. When you see what's possible with it, they won't leave yours either.

This product isn't cheap, but you'll know exactly what you paid for when you're out performing the coins-thru-shirt trick.

DVD Features:

Strolling Coin Thru Silk - The perfect strolling routine, always set; perform anywhere, anytime.

Coin Thru Silk New Handling - This new gimmick allows a brand new killer handling.

Spectator Coin Thru Silk - The effect Mark is killing with! The spectator actually performs the effect themselves!

Marks Bonus Handling - A brilliant combination of all three routines, it is killer

Caring For Your Coins - Everything you need to know about maintaining and caring for this incredible set.

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