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The Heinous Collection Vol.2 Review

Official Review

March 6th, 2015 9:08am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Following the release of “Heinstein’s Dream” and “Catch-Up,” Karl Hein has now released a 3 DVD set on his card work. The set covers a range of material, including a number of new ideas, as well as handlings of some classic effects. The DVD’s also include live performances of every routine for real world audiences, allowing the viewer to see genuine reactions and how the handlings are adjusted for the spectators.

Volume 2 contains a number of routines that utilize false shuffles and cuts, some of which utilize specific techniques from volume 1 and some of which can be done with any false shuffle or cut already in one’s repertoire. There’s an interesting gambling demonstration that ends with a magic square, Mr. Hein’s contribution to the “Sam the Bellhop” genre, a card location, an interesting production, an in-the-hands handling of triumph using the “Heinstein Shuffle” and the “Transformer Cut”, and then an interesting prediction/ACAAN/weighing the cards hybrid that works quite well. It also includes a bonus gag/trick for a kid or family show that would play very well. While not all the effects are home runs, all are solid and several contain very clever ideas and plots well worth exploring.

These discs are clearly direct from the repertoire of a working pro. While not all the effects may suit your style, there are some that surely will, and others offer ideas worth applying to other effects. The level of detail, work and thought found in the explanations demonstrate how much effort Mr. Hein puts in to his work, as well as how carefully he thinks about teaching his effects. If you are looking for practical, real world material that has a strong impact, are interested in learning some great false shuffles and cuts, or want a little of both, this DVD set has much to offer.

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Product info for The Heinous Collection Vol.2

Author: Hein, Karl
Publisher: Koppertop Entertainment Inc
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $34.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Karl is an entertaining, accomplished and experienced worker. Just one of his routines has more magic than some acts."
- Bob Sheets

"Karl is a high caliber performer who truly understands both the entertainment AND the business side of what it takes to make a living as a professional magician."
- Kostya Kimlat

"How did I not think of GIVE ME FIVE!"
- Chad Long


This DVD contains 7 of Karl Hein's original and commercial routines that require the use of false shuffles and/or cuts. All of these routines are incredibly strong and many are reputation makers. While a few require that you learn specific false shuffles from the HEINOUS V1 DVD, most of the routines can be done with any false shuffles or cuts that you might already know.

1. Square Deal - A unique version of the Magic Square that is easy to do but gives the appearance of incredible technical skill and brain power.

2. Jack Spade - A full deck story routine full of funny moments that always leave a memorable impression.

3. Prophecy Location - A spectator finds a selected card under seemingly impossible conditions.

4. Equilateral Production - A captivating cut with an incredible production that always gets audible audience reactions.

5. Transformer Triumph - Karl's version of the classic Dai Vernon effect with few kickers that add to the effect instead of taking away from it.

6. Every Card, Every Number, Every TIME - A combination of impressive sleight of hand and an improbable prediction reminiscent of ACAAN.

Bonus Effect: Give Me Five - A very quick magical gag that you will use all the time!

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