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The Heinous Collection Vol.1 (False Shuffles & Cuts) Review

Official Review

February 25th, 2015 9:51am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Following the release of “Heinstein’s Dream” and “Catch-Up,” Karl Hein has now released a 3 DVD set on his card work. The set covers a range of material, including a number of new ideas, as well as handlings of some classic effects. The DVD’s also include live performances of every routine for real world audiences, allowing the viewer to see genuine reactions and how the handlings are adjusted for the spectators.

Volume 1 covers false shuffles and cuts, beginning with an overview of false shuffles, approaches to shuffling and how to make false shuffles effective in performance. The shuffles taught include an overview of Mr. Hein’s popular “Heinstein Shuffle,” an in the hands complete false riffle shuffle. While he doesn’t explain the shuffle in depth, he does discuss some common pitfalls, as well as how the sleight has evolved over time. He also teaches the “Heinous Shuffle,” another false in the hands riffle shuffle, the “Truffle Shuffle 2.0,” a version of Derek Delgaudio’s “Truffle Shuffle” with a cover card, a false overhand shuffle sequence, the standard Charlier shuffle, and Lavand(squared), a complete false one handed weave shuffle, done simultaneously with both hands. As with his other releases, the instruction is clear, filmed well and edited intelligently. He includes all the work and tiny details necessary to perform the shuffles correctly, which are all practical , deceptive and look like standard shuffles, with the exception of Lavand(squared), which is designed to be impressive and look difficult, and it’s that very appearance of difficulty which would prevent an audience from ever imagining the performer isn’t actually shuffling the cards.

The disc continues with a number of flourishy false cuts. The cuts include a Sybil like cut, a deceptive multiple swing cut, an unusual cut that displays the packets in a pyramid, a two handed cut and he ends with the Charlier shuffle. All the cuts are false, a couple can be used to produce a card, and, while some look more difficult than others, with the exception of the Charlier shuffle, all appear at least a little bit flourishy.

The level of detail, work and thought found in the explanations demonstrate how much effort Mr. Hein puts in to his work, as well as how carefully he thinks about teaching his effects. This is a great resource for anyone looking for some interesting and effective in the hands false shuffles and cuts.

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Product info for The Heinous Collection Vol.1 (False Shuffles & Cuts)

Author: Hein, Karl
Publisher: Koppertop Entertainment Inc
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $34.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

"The natural appearance of your Heinstein Shuffle is breathtaking!"
- Richard Kaufman

"In Karl's hands, this is the most deceptive in-hands false riffle I have witnessed in the 30 years I've been involved in card magic."
- Paul Cummins


This DVD contains the wickedly deceptive false shuffles and cuts that Karl Hein uses throughout his professional performances. V1 includes 10 false shuffles & cuts, varying in degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced. All video has detailed and easy to follow instructions with close-up multi angle views of the moves and finger positions. All of these false shuffles and cuts can be done in the hands without the need of a table. You will learn how to do false dovetail shuffles with a bridge, overhand shuffles, one-handed shuffles and flourish cuts.

1. Heinous Shuffle - Simulates a dovetail shuffle with a bridge that is ideal for strolling cocktail hour environments.

2. Heinstein Shuffle - Considered by many top card men to be the best and only in the hands false shuffle that you need.

3. Truffle Shuffle 2.0 - Karl's variation of Derek Delgaudio's Truffle Shuffle that utilizes a deceptive new technique.

4. False Overhand - A relatively easy false version of the shuffle commonly used in home card games.

5. Lavand2 Shuffle - Simultaneous one handed false bridge shuffles inspired by Rene Lavand.

6. Transformer Cut - A five packet flourish cut that has many applications and really looks like it mixes up the packets.

7. Swing Kids Cut & Production - A fast and flourish cut with a flashy production and one handed spin out.

8. Equilateral Cut & Production - A unique flourish cut with a design and an instant flash production of a selected card.

9. Doublemint Cut - Combines two easy one handed cuts in a very deceptive way.

10. Charlier Shuffle - A sloppy version of a classic way of falsely mixing cards in a very casual but extremely convincing way.

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