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Limitless (3 of Clubs) DVD and Gimmicks Review

Official Review

February 10th, 2015 6:58am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a great method that can be used for many amazing routines.

The method is very easy, and requires just a bit of practice. Any beginner could perform with ease.

They explain several top notch performances using this method, but many more are possible.

The ad copy describes a large number of routines that are explained on the DVD. They originally created a list of routines that was much larger than what they explained, and they narrowed the list down to what is still a rather large list, but of just superb effects. The effects range from mentalism, to do-as-I-do, to predictions, to story telling, to a great souvenir effect called Photo Finish, to many more. I really liked many of the routines, but Photo Finish is just tremendous as the performer hands the participant a blank card and takes a photo of the participant and their friends holding the blank card. Their thought of card appears on the photo on their camera.


The deck is made with Phoenix decks because apparently Phoenix decks are a higher quality.

I gave this four stars and not five. While you can do some of the most stunning effects you can imagine, the outcome will always be the same card. You will need to purchase an expansion set to get a different force card. The expansion sets are available at a slightly lower price.

So, you are trading off a gimmicked deck which you can’t easily use for most routines involving a regular deck, for the ability to easily do some mind blowing routines.


If you are OK with the limitations of a single force card and a gimmicked deck, this method provides for some really powerful effect possibilities.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Limitless (3 of Clubs) DVD and Gimmicks

Author: Nardi, Peter
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.25
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Manufacturer's Description:

Limitless allows you to do just that, and the best bit? Your spectator will believe they had a totally free choice.

Limitless gives you the power to perform routines with a mentally selected card that appear absolutely impossible.

I designed limitless to be my secret weapon. The routines I have developed cover every aspect of my performances from close up magic and Mentalism to stage.

With Limitless your spectator is asked to think of a card as you riffle through the deck, that thought of card can now instantly vanish from the deck and appear in your wallet, a bottle, behind a window, have a different colour back. The possibilities are truly LIMITLESS!

Limitless has been custom design and printed by the USPCC (and printed on premium Phoenix card stock) to ensure the quality, feel and handling of the deck is second to none.

Your Limitless pack will come with everything you need to get you going, including the Limitless deck, training DVD and some extra bonus cards. Not only that but you will also receive a special registration code which will grant you access to bonus training footage, covering up-to-date handling tips and some killer new routines.

Please note Limitless does not rely on Rough & Smooth, Short & Long or sticky Cards.

Routines Include

Thought Of Card At Any Number!

Spectator one thinks of a card from a deck. Spectator 2 counts down to any number using a second deck. This could quite possibly be the cleanest looking Card at any number out there!

Dead Man's Hand "The Story Of Jack Brown"
Your spectator somehow divines the dying thoughts of Jack Brown, the notorious wildwest gunslinger, who was shot dead at the poker table

Blank Canvas
A Pseudo hypnosis routine perfect for a mix and mingle/walk-around situation.

Unconscious Mind
A hard-hitting, Brainwave style effect, with a super slick premise that really hits them between the eyes.

A Word In Thousands
One spectator thinks of a card from a deck the other a word in a book. Impossible as it may seem you have correctly predicted both way ahead of time!

This is a super commercial routine, which packs a triple kick. This is a serious crowd pleaser

Mystical Creature
The word Joker changes to become the name of a thought of card. (Custom Designed and printed joker also included)

The $3 Scam (Dollar Bill Prediction)
Inspired by Paul Wilson incredible "Predator" effect. A though of card gets revealed. Not only that but the name of the card has been pre written on the backs of the 3 Dollar bills.

Thought As I Think
Dave Loosleys double deck routine where the spectator learns to read your mind!

Photo Finish
A thought of card magically materialises on the face of a previously blank card, while your spectator is holding it. What's more, the moment is even caught in a photograph taken with your spectators own phone

Correctly tell your spectators the exact location of a card they are only thinking of!

Thought Of Card To Box
Imagine having your spectator think of a card. You instantly spread the deck to show their card has vanished. Not only that but the card has now appeared in a previously empty matchbox

"Control their thoughts and blow their minds. Peter Nardi has done it again...When does this man sleep?!?"
- Luke Dancy

"The title says it all. Limitless is one of the most powerful utility decks I have ever seen, opening up a world of possibilities, limited only by your imagination!"
- John Carey

"For years I have been playing with ways to psychologically implant a card in my spectators mind. I now believe I have created the perfect method"
- Peter Nardi

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