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Slim Review

Official Review

February 1st, 2015 2:19am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a collection of effects using a portion of a regular deck. The effects are decent. They are mostly slight variations of classic routines.


They are decent effects, but nothing incredibly creative. Also, I think some of the routines need to be thought out a bit more. For example in his routine “Back off Apollo”, he does a flustration count of all cards in his packet. The problem with this is the flustration count is most effective when it is done quickly with one or two cards max. When you do the flustration count over and over, many spectators are going to realize they are seeing the same card over and over. This is a good lesson in audience psychology. You can get away with one move that challenges someone's logic, just don't repeat it multiple times in succession right in front of their face.

The other problem I have with this DVD is his presentation. I think this is an example of how not to present magic. Much of his magic is a “sales job”. He frequently says things like “if I could do _, would that be a good trick?" or "... would that be amazing?” It sounds like the same technique a bad used car salesperson would use to try to convince you to buy a car. Only, in this case, he is trying to convince his audience to “buy” his trick.

If you are using the phrase: “…would that be a good trick”, or “…would that be amazing?” every other trick, you probably need to work on your presentation a bit.


I think there are much more creative versions of the types of routines he is doing, and much better examples of how to entertain.

For example, his Triumph routine is very good, and it is important for the rest of his routines because he ends with a four Ace production and the rest of his routines use a small number of cards from the deck. However, for entertainment value, you might want to check out Jonathan Levit’s version of Triumph. It is brilliant as an example of how to draw an audience into the entertainment value of the presentation.

I think the best routine on the DVD is the bonus routine, “Sun Bed Matrix”. Not only is it a good routine, but it is very well executed and very creative. After seeing this last routine, I changed my review from two stars to three stars

My verdict is that the routines are not extremely creative compared to what other people have done with some of the classics, and his presentation is not a great example of how to be the most entertaining, with the exception of the bonus routine.

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Product info for Slim

Author: Petty, Craig
Publisher: Wizard FX Productions
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $36.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Slim is a collection of routines which all use a small packet of cards taken from a regular deck. There are no gimmicks, no gaffs and no set up. All you need is a pack of cards and you are good to go. Next time you really want to blow away your audience make sure you get 'Slim'.

Back Off Apollo
The strongest all backs routine you will ever see, using just a small packet of cards and a full deck kicker. This routine is definitely the Oscar winner of the DVD!

Rocky's Triumph
An underground sensation which Craig has finally released. An ultra convincing triumph routine with a shuffled deck that ends with a surprise production of a four of a kind.

Mr T's Knock Out
A four phase sandwich routine that ends with the kicker of the entire deck appearing between the two face up cards.

Total Workout
An impromptu version of Wild Card with a signed card and a double change. This is one wild card that you WILL do!

The perfect blend of magic and mentalism just using four Jacks and a selected card.

Micky's Mish Mash
This routine combines a wonderful presentation with some great visuals. A great routine to add to any commercial card magic repertoire.

Yo Adrian
This routine opens with a super visual production of a four of a kind and two selections. You then go into a four for two transposition with a kicker that nobody will ever see coming.

Special Bonus - Sun Bed Matrix
Imagine punching four holes in a playing card and then moving them around a la Coin Matrix. This is a bonus because it does require a DF card but it is the cleanest and most practical version of the plot you will ever see. Oh, and did we mention that the card is signed?!!

Running Time Approximately: 2 hr

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