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Fraudulence by Daniel Bryan (Download) Review

Official Review

January 17th, 2015 5:44am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Most magic videos in any format start with a demonstration of the effect(s) that your are getting whereas here, it opens by showing you how to make the gimmick.

The video quality is not great but clear enough to see what is going on. The entire video is one camera angle pointed at a close-up mat. You only see the hands of the speaker (I assume they are his), gimmick material and you hear the disembodied voice (again, which I assume belongs to the person giving you instructions). The sound quality is very good.

Just an aside: due to the nature of the gimmick, even when the Sharpie was being held in such a way to hide the gimmick, even on grainy-ish camera, there was an obvious incongruency (read: discrepant) difference in size between the visible top half of the marker and the bottom half.

The hands and the props go out of frame a few times and the gimmick itself is not great. The idea is the same as 'Just Passin' Through' by Russ Niedzwiecki, but not as deceptive and the Niedzwiecki effect used a pencil. In this particular case if you do not line the Sharpie up with the sight lines of the 1 or 2 spectators in front of you almost precisely, I do not see how it will be all that deceptive. Watching the video, after he executed the penetration it was blatantly obvious to me that the marker was not penetrating the bill and in fact, it looked more like the bill was going half way through the marker. This effect would be better standing further from your spectators, but at that point they might not see what you are doing.

The handling just looks too clunky because of the gimmick. There are much better and cleaner gimmicked versions of this effect on the market (like the classic version that every magician is familiar with or 'Misled' by Timothy Wenk), as well as a number of very clean and completely impromptu versions out there ('Misleading Mislead' for example).

If after reading this review you still want to buy this, the good news is that you will not break the bank with the mere $5/USD price tag.

2 stars.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Fraudulence by Daniel Bryan (Download)

Author: Bryan, Daniel
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Retail Price: $4.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is Fraudulence, a Sharpie through bill effect that's different than the classic pen through bill effect. You can hear the bill rip and visually see the sharpie marker pass through the bill and immediately hand out both the bill and marker for examination.

Super easy to do.
Super visual.
Uses ordinary items (borrowed).
No magnets.
Use any paper currency.
Everything can be examined.

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