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Horosecrets Review

Official Review

January 17th, 2015 5:43am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very good method that combines a couple different magic concepts to come up with a method to divine someone’s horoscope in a seemingly impossible way.

The revelation comes in the form of a reading. He provides a method to remember how to do a short reading.

I love this effect because you can carry it in your pocket or wallet, and you have a very strong routine at a moment’s notice.


I really don’t see any downside to this. In the suggestions section, I will describe a slight addition to the presentation that you may want to consider.


Great combination of a couple magic principles. The combination creates a simple, yet powerful routine.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

In the routine, the participant may end up holding more than one business card. This is a perfect opportunity to have them hold a card in each hand and use the power of the triangle, much like the energy created by the Bermuda Triangle or the Triangular Pyramids of Egypt.

One more thought: You will have signs written on the back of business cards. You could add the date ranges to further justify why you have the signs written on the cards.

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Author: Joel Dickinson
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Manufacturer's Description:

HoroSecrets (Ebook)

Imagine being able to tell your spectators personal information when you have only just met.

Picture being able to take this further, your spectator will feel like you are reading their mind as you amazingly reveal their star sign. This is HoroSecrets!

No progressive anagrams
No fishing for letters or guessing games

This is strong, personal and correct every time.

Are you concerned this will be difficult? Don't be because it is so simple!

HoroSecrets can be used as a tool for professional performers wishing to introduce mentalism or readings into their performances.

Also note, you can use HoroSecrets as a stand alone star sign revelation or incorporate it in to existing routines.

Suitable for magicians, performing mentalists and mind readers

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