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Double Crossed Review

January 22nd, 2015 6:28am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
The version I have of this is called 'Hot Crossed Ones' as put out by Dan Harlan. The listing here does not have Harlan's name on it, yet it is the same effect and wallet.
I want to write this review anyway, for the effect is unique,
and impactive. My friend Ryan at U.S. Toy's magic shop first showed this to me, and I got one on the spot. Ryan's demo, had me selecting a card from a deck-as I was doing that, he was reconfiguring the wallet, which happens quickly. This can be done openly, or via misdirection after the bills have been fairly placed into the wallet. Ryan then stabbed the bills through the slit with my card, pulled it out of the other side, opened the wallet to show me two unharmed bills. As I examined it, I had a pretty good idea how it worked, but, the illusion of penetration was still shocking. The wallet is leather, and while it is examinable, I do not advise this, especially at the trick's finish. This is basically a very clever piece of origami, that should only appear to fold ONE way.
The routine I received uses a credit card, which makes sense considering that money is the focal item being penetrated. Moves here are subtle, and the final opening of the wallet can be done more openly than the initial reconfiguration. Somehow, this prop and effect, reminds me of something straight out of Discoverie of Witchcraft. It's simple, yet clever. Primitive even. Bills should be the performers, because they need to be somewhat worn. This is also extremely easy to carry-as square, or rectangle. The bills can be carried within, although this is not a normal wallet-it's open on both sides.
Overall, I think it's memorable-as the initial demo I saw, is still quite clear in my mind. Some care to be taken, but not a difficult effect.

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Two dollar bills are securely held in a wallet. A borrowed credit card slices through the center of the bills, yet the bills return undamaged. Everything is Examinable.

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