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Firefly Review

Official Review

January 22nd, 2015 6:29am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is an awesome routine with a great, simple gimmick and great handling instruction. He teaches several variations of methods and handlings using a table or stand-up without a table. He also teaches a really good alternative to the mercury card fold if you don’t want to do it. I rather like his alternative because I think it can be incorporated into a handling that adds texture to the routine.

He also teaches a very nice gag with the sharpie.

The reset is simple and easy.


The effect comes with a gimmick that you incorporate into a matchbox. You will need a matchbox that is the right size to fit a card folded in quarters. If you don’t have the exact size matchbox, I think you won’t have trouble figuring out how to make what you have work, using the principle described.


This is a great gimmick, great routine, and great instruction.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

He teaches an alternative to the MCF. This method gives you the opportunity to use different patter and handling. If you do a few card revelations as in an ambitious card routine, take the deck behind the back and offer to find their card behind your back as you are doing the move. Place the MCF card under the deck and turn around, giving your audience a view of what your are doing behind your back. Pull a card from the middle of the deck and turn around with this card. See the DVD for how this sequence fits into the routine he demonstrates.

Product info for Firefly

Author: Joel Dickinson
Publisher: Warped Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Product Description

Welcome to FireFly. Firefly is a super cool signed card to matchbox.

Show a matchbox completely empty, close it and place it on a table or spectators hand.
Have a card selected, signed and lost in the deck.

Pick up the matchbox and open it, a card is now seen folded up inside.
It is the signed card!
•Simple, direct magic
•Easy to do
•Instant reset
•Always Ready to go
•No flaps or moving parts, nothing to break
•Perfect ending to any signed card routine
•Perform walk around or at tables
•Spectator can hold the matchbox during the routine

As a bonus you will also learn Joel's 'Eatink', A great bit of business with a Sharpie Marker!

Comes complete with full instructional DVD and 6 gimmicks in bicycle design. (3 red, 3 blue)

Use any matchbox. Takes 2 minutes to add the gimmick to any matchbox then use over and over again!

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