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Color Block Escape Review

January 13th, 2015 12:34am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is one of those effects which I don't think can be reviewed in the singular. What I mean is that, you have the effect which has been around for years-and then you have the VERSION of the trick, which seems to be 'public domain'. First, a few words about the trick.

Milson Worth thought enough of it years ago, to have manufactured there own version. The photo here shows the box with actual wood grain. It's also available in plastic.

Wood, plastic, this is old school stuff, and I get effects like this, knowing that it's more about enhancing my collection of curiousities than regular showings. The props here have no other function than this particular trick. The working is truly simple, the effect puzzling and mystifying. Mentalism and penetration combined. Considering all of the real prop or 'street magic' that exists today, I can't see any young magician doing this, unless he/she is still in childhood stage. In ways I miss tricks like this, as so much of current magic uses objects that are SO real world ordinary. Anyway, that's my issue.

Some words about I received when I ordered one of these-it was rendered in 'wood like' material. It was painted brown, the blocks like wise were made of particle board. How often does this happen? A product is advertised as 'WOOD', yet is wood PRODUCT. Compressed wood dust is more accurate. This further addresses a problem which I've experienced ordering products online-there's not always a clue as to where the thing was made, or if the version in the photo, is going to match what I'll be sent. Discrepencies, which only become clear after purchase.

Also, not every effect out here has a known name attached to it, much less manufacturer. So, it's the crapshoot realm I'm complaining about, because some effects are simply not made by the Dave Powells, Johnsons, Vikings, Collector's workshops of the world. This is a fine, old school piece of magic. I think it's worth better treatment than this. Anymore, I don't have any problem emailing or calling a shop to find out if the wand really IS wood-or, is it wood-LIKE? This all to minimize yet another addition to the magic junk draw. If you like old school effects/props like this, save your money, and shop carefully.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Beautiful Close-Up Penetration Magic!

Six different colored blocks are secured in a box by a spike. Remove the spike freeing the blocks and dump them on the table.

Two colored blocks are selected by the spectator, and then all the blocks are placed back in the box. Close the box and insert the spike through the blocks. You can see the blocks at all times through the holes in the lid.

The box is turned over and the lid opened. The two pre-selected blocks fall to the table! Repeat the effect in reverse: Selected blocks remain on the spike and four blocks fall out!

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