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Dice-Tiny Review

January 24th, 2015 12:11pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Boxes, dice, I appreciate separately, or in this case together. This particular box, is very cleverly gaffed
so that two impossible predictions can be made. What's more, the box can be shaken by the participant in either or both phases of the routine. It rarely malfunctions, and there is only one little detail, that must happen to make sure that the drawer opens normally upon revelation. All I will say, is that there is an auditory illusion involved, which is more clever than the old matchbox rubber banded to the wrist up sleeve ruse. The box cannot be examined, but the thing is so innocent-and the dice inherit any heat-and they are quite normal. The second phase, requires being able to instantly recall the entire color and number sequence of all three dice. In both phases the dice should not be seen by the participant, before the drawer closes-this being the only other caution worth taking. It makes sense to do this trick after some kind of demonstration/prediction involving dice and cards. More, it functions as a carry box, so that you don't have loose dice in your pocket. It also make sense to spend time handling this box, as a few times the combination that went IN, wasn't the one that came OUT. It happens, and it's related to how much the box is shaken. A trick this clever and impossible, you will want it to work everytime.

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Author: David Ethan
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Manufacturer's Description:

Three different colored dice are in a match box.

The spectator checks that these are regular dice.

The magician takes the dice and puts them back into the box.

The spectator shakes the box to shuffle the dice inside.

Before opening the box, the magician reveals the color order and the number displayed on each die!

Can be performed again, immediately and each time the combination of colors and numbers is different.

Comes complete with real matchbox, 3 colored dice and instruction sheet.

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