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Point Blank Assembly Review

January 25th, 2015 7:46am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I learned this routine from a book Peter Duffie put out in the late 80's or early 90's. The book included two other effects, one of which I've also performed with much success-a find the lady premise where a queen keeps appearing/vanishing within three blank cards. At finish, ALL four cards become Queens.
Now, the ad here says 4 blanks and four Kings. The book version however uses 3 blanks, and four of a kind. The eighth card that helps make it work is never seen. What I love about this trick, besides the contrast between the cards, is that it uses less cards than classic assemblies do. Just '7'. The first phase goes slowly; the second, faster.
Phase three has the 3 blanks placed aside, leaving four of a kind. The 'leader' card is shown and handed to the spectator. IT goes blank in their hands-and the remaining three in the magician's hands, follow into the land of blankness. So, it's three phases of very clean, strong magic,
phase three being an extremely powerful climax. All this, with just '7' cards. There are shows throughout the routine-switches that are utterly convincing, as well as functional to the entire. While Duffie later released 'Ghost Flight',
I still find Point Blank Assembly to be more economical,
and with a finish that is not necessarily expected. No clothe is necessary either. More, what moves must take place, are accessable, and subtle.

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Author: Peter Duffie
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A diabolical three phase routine.

Four Kings change places one at a time with four blank cards. The transposition is repeated only this time it occurs instantly. Finally, the four kings disappear altogether and ALL THE CARDS ARE BLANK!

set includes all necessary cards

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