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Chameleon Backs Review

January 26th, 2015 12:28pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This trick has been around for decades. Like Bruce Cervon's Dirty Deal, I have seen different versions which used soft drink or beer ads, or random cards pulled from seemingly any old deck. One current version on the market has the card backs change to credit card logos; yet another reveals eye exam charts. It's also possible to make this trick up using portions of dollar bills on the back. ALL that I was looking for however, was a version that simply had the backs changing color-and this version fits the bill. Ofcourse it's possible to get 4 different color Bicycle decks to make up several sets-but I'll probably never need that many.
I carry this effect with me, because it's an extremely visual one, which women in particular seem to appreciate. It's easy to do, and seems impossible. The cards that Di Fatta includes here are real Bicycle cards, NOT fascimiles. The instructions are exceptionally well illustrated, and the handling suggests a series of Ascanio spreads. I do the trick with a different set of shows, but, the Ascanio version works well, and, this is a great 'place' for a younger magi to learn it. Simply, I find this to be one of the prettier versions of a classic 4 card trick.

Product info for Chameleon Backs

Author: Vincenzo Di Fatta
Publisher: Vincenzo Di Fatta (V)
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $2.48
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Manufacturer's Description:

Four cards are shown face up.
The magician puts them together in a packet, and as he opens it one card is now face down.
This same move is repeated and each time the following card appears face down while the previous one is face up.

The back changes from blue into red, and in the end each back has a different color.

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