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Dunninger's Delight Review

January 29th, 2015 3:04am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Considering that the first magic book I owned was Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic, mention of this effect easily caught my attention. I may add that the trick is NOT in the encyclopedia (although everything else under the magical sun IS!) and even Kenton offers no concrete proof that Dunninger had worked out a version of this. No matter-Kenton has apparently mystified people by performing this on television, which is strong validation. What 20$ is buying here, is a handful of presentational options-going from simple and direct, to the daring 'building of a card identity' via equivoque. The latter, being a great set of lessons in psychology, audience management, and just pure cleverness that to others will sound perfectly innocent. These are I think the greater lessons of the trick as Kenton presents it to other magicians. The effect comes with a few special cards, which allow for both the choice of, and eventual evaporation of chosen card. Simple but effective. Probably the strongest feature here, is that the card is made to vanish from the deck WHILE the participant is holding it. The wizards hands are clean, are no sleights, palms, etc..I recall performing Fiedler's Flier at a bar years ago, quite effectively, but this method is even cleaner. Anytime magic can happen when the magician isn't touching props, is strong. To have this effect, is to get quite a bit more than a card trick; it is a potential doorway into the further work of Kenton, which I think transcends the 'mere' manipulation of props. The mechanics here are simple. This isn't just a trick-it's an experience.

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Author: Kenton Knepper
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Kenton worked out an incredible effect for Keith Barry and his television series. The effect is based on a rumor of a trick that Joseph Dunninger loved and considered trying to do.

While it is debatable if Dunninger ever performed the effect, Kenton's methods have been performed now under many different conditions.

Effect: A spectator stops at a random card in the deck or two spectators "create a card" by rolling a pair of normal dice and naming a suit. For example, they create the Seven of Hearts as their chosen card.

A deck setting on the table the entire time is given to a spectator. They are to look through the deck and be certain the card they chose is in this deck. They agree that it is. The performer never touches the cards once the spectators agree the card they chose is in the deck. The spectators are asked to be sure their card is in the deck several times.

The mentalists concentrates and attempts to project the card out of the deck and into (say) the spectator's shoe. The spectators go through the deck that has been in their hands the entire time to find that their card is now truly gone from the deck! "Your shoe is too easy" says the performer, "How about we put it under the carpet or... no... under the plant over there"!

The performer never goes near where he says he has made the card teletransport. The spectators find their chosen card not only gone from the deck, but under the plant - or nearly any odd place you choose.

This is a startling effect. Supplied are both the simple version and the more daring, psychological version for professionals. Either method is stunning. You get all the details as created by Kenton for Keith Barry and himself, and of course the special needed extras.

Use your own Bicycle deck of cards

NO stooges or secret helpers. No linguistics in this advertising when we say the performer does not need to touch the cards at all. Both spectators are fooled. No hidden assistants.

This may be a card trick, but it will look like the most impressive feat of mentalism and teleportation ever. This is as real as it gets!

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