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Rope In Review

January 29th, 2015 3:04am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This routine, is one which Aldo came up with years ago in Italy. He didn't tell me that ofcourse, but, it's in the routine notes. Naturally, I'm thrilled to have a routine by this master conjurer, one that he used for a number years. Considering how much takes place here, it seemed worth learning. I won't repeat the ad description-I will say that there is one phase, familiar to all, which is when three different size ropes all becoming the same length. Aldo's methods differs from the standard 'professor's nightmare', and leaves the door open for more transitions. While the ad for this says 'easy', that's a relative term. Care needs to be taken a handful of times, specifically in handling the ends of all ropes. I did not find the entire to be immediately natural-but through practice it became so. The instructions are clear, and the changes are logical, so far as where the hands and rope are at any given point. There is only one point that I couldn't easily work out-and it's a transition mid routine, where 'three' ropes get released, instantly becoming one. The required grip is generally referred to, but lacks the details telling HOW the rope ends get held. I then watched Aldo perform it online, saw him do the move-but not from behind. So, this is one part of the trick that I have to keep working on, to get it precise, and smooth as it needs to be. Hard to say if the fault is mine, or the instructions, or perhaps a combination. In any case, it's worth watching Aldo perform this, to see the routine in it's entire. At finish, a knot gets 'plucked off', and leaves one with a single rope to do a ring and rope routine with. Unlike other 'easy' effects, this one has taken me a bit longer to master-but it's a compelling spectacle to be able to share. While it appears on DVD, this particular version comes with instructions, and three soft pieces of white rope, with taped ends. A bit of a challenge to learn, but, I think worth it.

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A length of rope is cut into two pieces with the fingers. A third piece is added, resulting in a short, medium and a long rope: The ropes become the same length. The three ropes are then seen to blend into one piece. The magician counts the ends of the rope: One, two, three and four. The rope becomes two pieces. The ropes are then knotted, the knot pulled away and the two ropes are seen to magically blend into one! Complete with rope and illustrated routine.

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