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Not Gone Review

January 29th, 2015 3:04am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
'Mystical' is the word that came to mind when I became familiar with this effect. It's a prediction, but, it uses ropes-something I'd not seen before. My magical imagination implied that maybe these ropes know how to tie or untie themselves inside that bag; or, that this was an effect which might have been performed in India by some Jadoo Wallah. I don't know why, but I have some association with ropes and India-must be that mythical kid who climbed up one, and drove the world nuts trying to prove or disprove the phenomenon. Either way, I'm aware of many mental effects, but Aldo applied a principal here from 'someplace else' and created a very charming and mysterious piece of magic. The workings are easy to digest and learn-and no matter what the participant chooses, the ropes reveal an impossible prediction. I don't see everyone performing this, for the props are not something that one just walks around with. Great as the effect is, the props themselves would have to fit in with what a particular magician uses. I do see this as a fine platform, or stage effect, i.e., a more formal entertainment context. One optional 'move' that may need to take place during the routine, is naturally integrated into a larger action. Part of the m.o. here, can also be found in other Aldo effects like Chinese Purse, and Knotty Knot-probably others, I imagine. My only gripe is minor, and this in regard to the lower quality of velvet bag that comes with the trick. It's velvet on the outside, but is a synthetic vinyl/plastic underneath-which gives it a crinkly feel and sound closer to a paper bag, than a clothe bag. Something that is changeable, if you get picky about such matters. Overall, this is a very unique thus memorable effect, and the handling is quite accessable. For me, it remains 'mystical'.

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Author: Wild-Colombini
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A breath-taking, beautiful, magical effect which we are proud to produce.


You show an elegant velvet bag with three colored ropes dangling from it. You say that one rope is different from the others (colors aside). A spectator FREELY (and we mean FREELY) selects one rope and HE removes the other two from the bag. They do not have a knot. He then removes the third rope and it is seen to have a knot (and the spectator can UNTIE it!).

Comes complete with ropes, bag, and detailed instructions for performing this awesome effect!

Rope Length Approximately 20" (51cm)

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