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Space Coins (Quarter) Review

January 22nd, 2015 6:28am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I found this on Ron McFadden's 'Magic Gadget Site', which has both recent and vintage props and effects. I first had a version of this, back in the 70's, courtesy of Tenyo who called it 'Angel Coins'. Little did I know what history lie behind the turquoise plastic Tenyo version, but even then, I delighted in the effect. Only many years later did I come upon a routine by Lewis Ganson's father, which referred to the German Box. I don't know who can be credited with the hole, but it surelt came about as the ultimate prover.
I was glad to see that Vincenzo Di Fatta chose NOT to render this classic effect in plastic. The box he did produce is solid brass (as opposed to 'brass-like'), and comes with a very bright red velvet bag and gaff. The nice thing here, is that the gaff is not permanent. It can be changed to white, allowing for a handkerchief to be used, or, another color bag. The box has side ridges which adds visual interest, and helps the fingers maintain grip. The routines included are standard, and well articulated for anyone unfamiliar with the box or the trick. Old as it is, the effect to me is utterly worthwhile, and this is a fine prop with which to show it. Price is very is reasonable, and again-I'm happy to see real brass. This industry seems to full of props which are reffered to as wood, brass, silk,-yet there is unfortunate trickery at work, when wood turns out to be compressed 'wood product'-or when 'gleaming metal' turns out to be cheap, easy to wear off plating-'silk' may actually be poly or rayon-THAT kind of trickery. I'm happy here to recommend not just a classic effect, but a finely produced prop with which to perform it with.

Product info for Space Coins (Quarter)

Author: Vincenzo Di Fatta
Publisher: Vincenzo Di Fatta (V)
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Retail Price: $8.78
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Manufacturer's Description:

Place four Quarter Dollar coins inside a brass cylinder and lay it on a bag. Magically the coins will disappear from the cylinder, passing through the fabric, and will end up inside the bag. Fill again the cylinder with the coins, lay it on the bag and suddenly the coins will reappear in your hands. To finish prepare the cylinder again with the coins. Lay it on the bag and, incredibly, the coins disappear passing through the table from where they are pulled out. Very easy to do. Comes supplied with a polished brass cylinder, instruction sheet and a bag made in Alcantara. NOTE: No coins included.

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