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Ring Off Brass Bolt Review

January 17th, 2015 5:43am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've known of this trick, the effect, for years. To me it seemed more of a puzzle than a magical effect-something which may call more attention to the props than to the ability of the magician-or, the 'spirits'. This is where presentation matters-taking this hopefully from a potential bar-bet stunt, to a more compelling phenomenon. Other effects with nuts and bolts point towards a 'force' which shows up and manipulates the objects under clothe ala spirit cabinet. Along these lines, the removal of the ring, may happen unknown to the participant, when it then gets placed beneath a clothe for the magic to THEN takes place.
The trick, as I've seen it, is usually made in India. I'm familiar with some of the questionable quality that can come from the 'land of mysteries', but this prop is actually well done. The price is moderate, the props are examinable, and they are visually attention getting. Gleaming brass, bolt and nuts are large, and heavy. If a woman's ring is used, add to the impossibility factor. How props this borderline clunky could so easily allow such easy passage of a delicate ring, is indeed the mystery. More, it's an easy to carry affair. So, this is one occasion where I may say 'made in Indai, yes-but it's GOOD.'

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Two nuts are unscrewed off the bolt. Both the bolt and the nuts can be examined by the spectators. A borrowed finger ring is placed on the bolt, and both nuts screwed back on. The ring is securely trapped on the bolt, and it would take considerable time to unscrew the nuts and remove the ring. Yet the performer is able to remove the ring off the bolt in an instant, (under cover of a handkerchief, behind his back, or even in his bare hands, shielding the bolt for an instant with his hands). And after the ring is removed, the nuts can be unscrewed by a spectator, and both bolt and nuts can be examined once again.

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