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Meandering Matchbox Review

January 5th, 2015 2:35am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've always loved boxes. Particularly small ones, which were capable of doing things somewhat supernatural. Over years I've had a small range of matchbox effects, starting with Amadeo's classic Haunted box. One rare variation I got from Tannen's years ago, was utterly clever, and completely self contained. Made in England, I never saw it anywhere else, and struggle to recall how it was put together. Like other effects, I look at different methods, ever in search of the ideal one. Bob Solari's take on Haunted Matchbox, intrigued me enough to get one, and for me it's an effective approach to the trick. The box is made to do two things-swivel and open/close. Compared with other versions of the trick, this is somewhat limited.

That said, I don't see using this as a center piece effect-but more of an enhancement effect whenever a match is needed. For a more extensive 'show piece' I would refer to John Kennedy's version, which has a great deal more action. Yet another version I came up with is applying the setup for Diamond Jim Tyler's animated card box, to a matchbox. This has proven to be a very strong central effect, with the box doing several things-including being clean and perfectly examinable at finish.

So, Meandering Matchbox I think has effect value, but as an accessory trick. The box itself is generic, and the sin on one side, may be better camouflaged with a different, busier sleeve design. Anyone with patience can take the thing apart, and fit it into a new box, when this one wears out-or to simply change the sleeve. Get this to enhance an accompanying effect. For more astonishing animation, there are fine versions already in existence.

Product info for Meandering Matchbox

Author: Solari, Bob
Publisher: Bob Solari Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The performer displays a box of wooden matches on both sides. The matchbox is openly placed on the performers outstretched fingers. Slowly and eerily the matchbox rotates on the performer's hand! Slowly the drawer of the matchbox opens! The match or matches can be used for anything that requires a match.

Everything may be examined
Instant reset
No threads
No wires
No body attachments
No elastics

Ideal for walk-around magic. Perfect to light a candle for parlor magic! And it's easy to do!

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