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Miser's Miracle Review

January 17th, 2015 5:43am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Somewhere in Bobo's coin magic, is a story about a European Vaudeville era magican. His name escapes me. This magician, who was successful, was quite thrilled to introduce his own version of the Miser's Dream. Another magician, met him back stage after the first showing, and congradulated him-and, also asked the magician what in the world was wrong with his thumb? The formerly proud magician was crestfallen, hearing that his thumb-worn mechanical device was more easily seen than he thought, even from the house. It's too bad he didn't use Bob Solari's method.
I used this effect in an outdoor show once, with much success. It is indeed very effective, and drop dead simple. My own 'clever brain' saw the original demo, and thought there was more to the cup/pail than there actually is. Bob's version of this classic, is a beautiful reminder of how some of the best secrets in magic come to be: by paying close attention to what ALREADY IS-and capitalizing on that. The catching coins here, is pure simplicity-the dropping them in the cup, a perfect auditory illusion. More, the final punchline, adds the element of the unexpected, particularly when that one large half is flipped out into the air, simultaneously showing an empty cup. I have NOT seen additional handlings by Bob with this trick, referring solely to the basic routine that came with the props. What's more, the cup leaves room to carry additional props, and is not a flimsy/easily dented gauge of steel. I find this version to be an effective variation on a theme, a quicker one, compared with more complex classic versions. It's accessable-yet still requires some imagination to make the production part compelling. Four or five coins seems to suffice. After I got this, I was quite pleased to see how popular Miser's Miracle became. Anyone familiar with Bob Solari's work, will appreciate this-specifically the simple, direct, and effective workings. Again, it's accessable.

Product info for Miser's Miracle

Author: Solari, Bob
Publisher: Bob Solari Magic
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Supplied with a stainless steel cup 4" x 3-3/16" in diameter, a giant size half dollar coin 3" in diameter and a normal half dollar incorporated into a special gimmick. The illustrated instruction sheet explains the routine and walks the performer through the two 'moves' involved in working the effect.

Performer is seen holding a stainless steel cup in one hand. Performer reaches in the air, plucks out a half dollar which is heard when thrown into the cup. This is repeated 6 or 7 times. Performer makes an upward toss motion with cup, out comes a 3" half dollar. Performer ends clean. Simple to do. The gimmick does the work, No sleight of hand, Learn in minutes, Can be performed close-up or on stage, Used by professionals world wide.

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