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Skeleton Key Review

January 9th, 2015 2:12am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
You know, the folks that produced this key did come up with an affordable, anitique looking prop which, in other incarnations costs quite a bit more. I can also appreciate the 'multi functionality' of the key, but to a point.

First, the key pretty much does what it's supposed to do. The bit moves around on the shaft, but-must still be lightly held by the fingers, for it will want to jump/shift on certain areas of the shaft. The final move as seen in the demo, is a fine one-showing the bit back in place, and the hands clean. Angle issues come up, but nothing too extraordinary.

The second function here, allows for the blister card prediction-which happens to not be something that I do. What's odd, and contradictory to the phenomenon known as blister-is that the NUMBER created by the key, LOOKS like a blister; the PIP, however, imprints the reversal of a blister. In other words, the diamond pip, looks like an in grown blister. What lighter produces those? Sure-I'm splitting hairs-I know that-but, a special effect, I think deserves all of the details-as many as necessary to fool.

The final feature here, is the bottle opener. NOT something I would have asked for-and so many bottle caps in this country, are screw off. So, clever swiss army as this feature may be-it presents it's own problem (I know-I'm splitting hairs-I didn't ask to be born with microscopic eyes, you know)-if you use the key to open bottles, the bit will become scratched, changing it's LOOK, which sets it apart from the gaff bit, which is NOT scratched. The other problem with the bit, is that it's longer to open a bottle-but, that makes it harder to hide-compared with a less protrusive bit.

What I saw here was a missed opportunity-that is, to have made a key that has this moveable bit-AND could be used in the classic haunted key way, in the palm of the hand. This would make worlds more sense to me, considering that I know guys who can open beer bottles with their lighters, or teeth-making my 'magic key' look temporarily like a weenie toy.

Finally-I like the finish of this key. It looks old, and has more character than our common, gleaming haunted key.

The odd shape, age, and number 8 on the key, easily lends itself to story-you know, the story about room number 8, at the Diamond hotel, in Eureka springs-yeah THAT place-room number 8-where that lady died back in 1933, after choking on so many caps she pulled off bottles, because...SHE DIDN'T USE THIS KEY!

I cant' say anything, in truth, about the mini dvd that comes with this. I know the trick, and just worked out a new handling. I do recommend this, for the moving haunted bit part, the price, and because the prop has nice, antique character.

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This is a classic has been improved to new heights. You can now perform the following with just one key.

Haunted Key, moving Teeth, card revelation, blister, and it's also a bottle opener!

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