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Treasure Hunt Review

January 15th, 2015 2:33am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Before I received this, I had sense that it related to an old card trick that I'd first read about in 'Scarne on Cards'. It is one of those easy, sleight free tricks, that astonishes-even though it's not even really a trick-! The original version must be understood, as it has a potentially confusing premise-at least in terms of what the magician proposes to predict.

When I read the routine here, the card trick basis was confirmed. What makes Treasure Hunt stronger I believe, is a second phase. The first, has more indirect prediction proposals-that the audience MUST be clear about. The final 2nd phase, IS most direct-and impossible. The entire routine may work quite well on stage, platform, or at a table. The thinking involved here, will require close observation on the magician's part, for each performance will have the participant making different random choices. The math, is well explained, and two examples are given to clarify all. To me, it's solid material, and, may also work well within the context of street magic.

The props received here, have the look of 'kid's toy'-part of the 'Harry Potter' craze. This is not, however a complete children's trick, because of the math, and the premises of the routine. One could use the coins provided, clarifying them as golden 'mardi gras coins'-to me they cheapen the effect. Poker chips or wooden nickels make more sense to me. I'll say that I can appreciate the concept of an effect like this-but, give me some props that have a bit more class. Or, just sell this on dvd. It's great thinking, and, it's not the first time I chucked cheap props, and re made the thing myself. The two bags used, ungimmicked, are likewise of a cheaper variety. These negatives said, there is I think a powerful effect here-well worth using in a mental presentation.

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Author: Wild-Colombini
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TREASURE HUNT by Aldo Colombini: Looking for something unusual in close-up magic? Look no further! A great, mental effect! You show two cloth bags with golden coins inside. You divine both the number of coins a spectator holds in his hand and the quantity that remains in the bag from which they were removed. An incredible two-phase routine. Comes complete with all the coins (visual golden coins) and two elegant bags. Great for the performers who use Harry Potter themed tricks and routines. The coins used are golden ones, similar to the famous Galleons named many times in Potter's books and movies.

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