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Link Lip Review

January 7th, 2015 3:41am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
The idea of this effect, is what sparked me to get a copy. I always appreciate effects where, ordinary objects behave in ways, human. Maybe the technical term can be 'empathetic projection'. Amusing and absurd, that two paper clips develop a thing-form a bond-then, courtesy of a little heat from a lighter, the audience gets to experience the birth of paper clip triplets. Absurd, impromptu, and potentially memorable.

The handling here includes a move by Ken de Courcey, which has other applications-always a plus. Aldo includes a slightly different handling, where the clips reproduce. None of this is rocket science that, in my opinion, needed to be marketed on it's own-much less for 10 bucks. But, the handling and, the humorous story are what makes this quick trick worthwhile. More, it's the novelty that will I think be remembered. The trick only came with two clips-and more may easily be had from the office supply store, in different sizes and colors. This is one of those utterly easy tricks to carry, especially is you're used to walking around with a couple of rubber bands around your wrist-anytime, anywhere micro magic. And,...cute!

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Author: Wild-Colombini
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Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Linklip is an amusing bit of close-up magic that can be done anywhere, at any time!


Ken de Courcy's LINKLIP:

Two separate paper clips are shown. They are placed into the left hand and after an amusing love story, when removed, are found to be linked.

Aldo Colombini's LOVE STORY:

Two separate paper clips are shown. They are placed in the hand of a spectator and, when he opens the hand, they have linked. They are replaced in the spectator's hand and when he opens it, three small paper-clips appear... they now have babies!

Comes complete with paper clips and instructions detailing how to perform this linking miracle!

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